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Bridge Marketing (“Bridge”) is a mobile-first, data-driven marketing company that creates comprehensive audience profiles, allowing marketers to effectively and efficiently reach ideal consumers through our integrated, multi-channel campaign solutions.

Bridge was originally founded in 2010 as an email marketing company that specialized in cleaning and verifying contact lists for our clients to ensure they were targeting the most up-to-date emails.

We wanted to not only understand customer data, but truly create a powerful dialogue between brands and their consumers. We partnered with offline data enterprise companies like Acxiom, Infogroup, Epsilon, Experian, and KBM/Wunderman, to expand our campaign services and better understand how people were engaging.

Bridge quickly shifted our focus to mobile as we began to notice that customers were relying more and more on their mobile devices to open emails, engage with ads, and interact with today’s brands.

We spearheaded two major acquisitions to become a truly mobile-first, data-driven company:

  • Motrixi Mobile-First DSP – Integrates our offline, online and mobile data to create full audience profiles at scale
  • AppJolt (now oneAudience) SDK Platform – Sources our first-party, deterministic mobile data to link real, verified individuals

Bridge created a deterministic mobile link to real, verified individuals and their full consumer profiles to help our clients deliver fraud-free, personalized media campaigns to hyper-local target audiences and drive success.

We are always committed to staying up-to-date with the latest data, technology, and consumer trends to best serve our clients with the marketing solutions they need to succeed.

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