Audience Collection Methodology

We’ve built a verified audience of more than 250M people all tied to billions of data points
that help advertisers and brands understand an individual’s unique interests and behaviors.
Our B2B data helps you reach your top prospects and achieve your marketing goals.

We have over 40 million total records linked to a full profile of firmographics data and tied back to an individual mobile device. Attributes like title, company name and company size help you build audiences relevant for your B2B campaign goals.

This is Sam
this is sam, a businessman in our audience

Firmographic Data

Sourced from trusted partners

+ Name
+ Company
+ Title
+ Industry
+ Number of Employees
+ Revenue

Mobile Data

Sourced from our mobile publisher network of thousands of apps

+ Email
+ Mobile Advertising ID
+ Location
+ Apps
What’s important is the way we tie this all together.

With real-time online and mobile data linked to traditional offline data, we create rich audience insight that powers smarter targeting and optimized media delivery.

This is Maria
this is maria. young girl in our audience


Maria downloaded an app embedded with our SDK and gave permission for us to access her:

+ Email
+ Mobile Advertisting ID
+ Location
+ Apps


To get car insurance quote online, Maria filled out a form and shared her:

+ Email                   
+ Name
+ Postal
+ Apps


We tie Maria’s mobile and online data to traditional offline data including her:

+ Name
+ Postal
+ Demographics
+ Psychographics
Transparency and consent to data collection is a priority for us.
All of our data is permission-based, ethically sourced and GDPR compliant.
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