We solve auto dealers' biggest challenge:

We connect auto dealers to their true buying audience in three simple steps: data, media, and attribution.

Our top-ranked auto shopper data will allow you to acquire new customers, increase your service department revenue, and move more metal.

How BRIDGE helped a Luxury Auto Dealer:

Cars Sold

We matched 180 car sales directly to our custom audience.

Added Revenue
$ 0 M

Through custom audience creation and optimized media delivery, we helped the dealership drive over $1.3 million in revenue. 

Service Transactions

Deepened connections with existing customers by driving more than 1,300 service transactions at the dealership.

Sample Attributes

Automotive Audience Solutions

Use our top-ranked people-based automotive data to target real people and drive better performance.

We have over  1200 automotive data points  that are updated monthly including:

Auto In-Market

Auto Insurance Provider

Auto Ownership

Auto Parts

Auto Repair

Gas Brand

Lease or Buy

Lifestyle Statement



Motorcycle Owners

Next Vehicle Purchase

Number of Vehicles

Online Activity

Purchase Intent

Purchase Timeframe

Vehicle Financing

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model

Vehicle Type

Vehicle Verification

Note: We champion an ethical, forward- thinking approach to privacy and compliance. Our profiles on real people are updated monthly to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to industry, federal, and state regulations.

Recommended Channels:


Email marketing is very powerful, and we’ve made it better. Our upgraded People-Based email platform connects you to your next customer faster.


Our people-based intelligence allows your display ads to reach real people with accuracy and precision.


Drive growth with one of today’s hottest channels. We tailor your campaign to reach people wherever they are streaming – on Smart TVs, Mobile, etc.

Social Media

We connect you to real people across every media channel and device. 


Success Story

Watch how we drove auto sales and customer acquisition for an auto group in Michigan.


The BRIDGE Difference

Because we are connecting you with actual people, we can exactly match our audience with your leads/sales precisely measuring how well the campaign performs.

We start with a comprehensive audience of real people so we’re able to accurately show you who’s engaging with your messages, buying your products, and visiting your stores, increasing the return on your marketing investment.

We’ve created custom profiles for every one of the more than 250 million verified people in our platform. We know which make and model people are shopping for and we’ll work with you to create a target audience of potential new customers.

We help auto dealers reach their audiences anywhere— Facebook, Email, Desktop, Mobile, Search, Connected TV— wherever your auto buyer is, we are too.

Top Ranked Auto Data

Our Auto Audience data is consistently top-ranked by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer quality data. 

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