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Check out our new podcast series that highlights different
channel capabilities, industry news, and consumer trends. 

Email Isn’t Dead

In our first podcast, we dive into the power of email and its benefits.
  • Email fundamentals
  • Creative best practices
  • Email metrics and measuring success
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The Death of Cookies

Google announced that it will remove third-party cookies in their entirety and is creating a new way to build identity. In this podcast, our CRO Ilana Hendlish joins the conversation to go over what this means for marketers.
  • Power of first-party data
  • Next steps for marketing
  • Identity resolution solutions
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Connected TV(CTV) & Over the Top(OTT)

There has been a huge shift to streaming and cutting the cord over the past year. In this podcast, Adam Lawsky joins the conversation to go over what the rise of streaming channels means for marketers.
  • What is CTV/OTT?
  • What the rise of streaming channels means for marketers
  • Benefits of advertising on CTV/OTT
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Social Media Campaigns

There are 225 million daily active social media users in the United States. 200 million of those users visit a business profile at least daily. That’s a lot of people waiting to hear from businesses and opportunities that marketers cannot afford to ignore.
  • What Social Channels support advertising?
  • The opportunities on social media for marketers
  • Benefits of advertising on social media
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Programmatic 101

 In 2020, Consumers spent an average of 53.1 hours per week on programmatic media, an increase of 2.8% compared to 2019, and the fastest annual growth rate in five years. It has become clear that all marketers should include programmatic in their campaign strategies.
  • What is Programmatic?
  • Which ad formats does programmatic include?
  • The benefits of programmatic advertising
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Programmatic & Data

We’ve established in episode 5 that all marketers should include programmatic in their campaign strategies. The question is, how do marketers target their message to the right customer? In this episode, we’ll get to the solution.
  • How we create customer profiles in BRIDGE CONNECT℠
  • An example of how to reach your target consumer
  • Methods to build custom audiences
  • & more!
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Programmatic Benefits

We’ve established in episode 6 that it is crucial to have first-party data power your programmatic campaigns. The next question is, how do marketers decide which channels to deliver their message on? In this episode, we’ll get to the solution.
  • The benefits of multichannel campaigns
  • How we determine which campaign type is right for our clients
  • Why multichannel campaigns are so successful 
  • & more
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Programmatic Channels

We’ve discussed the basic definition of programmatic, the data that fuels it, and the overall benefits. In this podcast episode, we jump into exactly which programmatic channels our listeners can take advantage of to connect with their next customer.
  • The benefits of TikTok
  • Selling points of Connected TV/OTT & Video Streaming channels
  • How to utilize Cannabis and CBD campaigns
  • & more
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ROI Tools

We’ve discussed the power of first-party data and how we transition it into successful digital campaigns. At the end of the day what truly matters is the results. Did the campaign succeed?
Luckily for our clients here at BRIDGE, we have powerful ROI tools that allow us to show success through different avenues, based on the type of campaign we ran. In this episode, we will highlight some of the more valuable tools, and when we believe the best time to use them are.
  • Matchback Reporting
  • Cross-Device Pixel Tracking
  • Foot Traffic Attribution
  • & more
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