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We help businesses solve their most daunting challenge: finding their next customer. 

Marketers are often misled about their target audience and the channels used to display their messages. We solve this problem with REAL PEOPLE audiences and quality CTV and OTT. 

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We help businesses solve their most daunting challenge: finding their next customer. 

Reach CTV and OTT users now. BRIDGE targets an audience of REAL PEOPLE on CTV and OTT.

Unlike other marketing partners, we know exactly who we are reaching.

Bridge CTV/OTT success stories:

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We grew an agency by 200% through Connected TV campaigns.

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New Verticals

Our Connected TV solution allowed a business to expand into four new verticals.

Auto Sales

We matched 690 auto sales from our Connected TV campaign.


Quality TV ads at an affordable cost

Run people-based Connected TV/OTT to target real people and drive better performance

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We are THE people-based PII data provider. While other companies merely sell data, we sell knowledge.

We champion an ethical, forward- thinking approach to privacy and compliance. Our profiles on real people are updated monthly to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to industry, federal, and state regulations.

Our unrivaled people-based intelligence fuels over 70,000 campaigns every year. Our data is active- not only do our customers leverage it in their campaigns, we use it too.

Our database has been top ranked for two years in a row by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer audience data quality.

 We are your trusted real people-based marketing partner with expertise in account management, data science, and multichannel media strategy and will provide full-service end-to-end campaign support.

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