Adapting Web Design Trends For Email Creative

How to adapt design trends for email creatives. Designing for multiple platforms (i.e. print, web, mobile and email) can be a tricky feat. In order launch successful campaigns, you need to ensure you are staying up to date with all the latest web design trends. Continue reading to learn what design trends are up and coming and how you’ll be able to cohesively format them to fit all platforms. Trend #1: Large Background Images More…
Dave Bataille
August 12, 2015

Cross-Device Advertising: What Makes Bridge Different?

Worldwide sales of devices, from mobile phones and smartphones to tablets and PCs, will hit 2.6 billion units this year. One-third of those consumers now owns one of each device. Consumers spend time on these devices, which gives advertisers and marketers opportunities to target the increasingly mobile consumer. Use cross-device targeting to secure the reach to your target audience, where they frequent the most. Because Bridge was founded on the basis of email, we combine…
Amanda Perez
August 6, 2015

Email Mistakes & How to Handle Them

Email marketers are only human. As a result, they have made a variety of different email mistakes when sending off an email campaign. Understanding how to respond to the inevitable email mistakes quickly and effectively will help your brand recover and come out on top.
Jeffrey To
July 29, 2015

6 Steps to Master Subject Line A/B Testing

Subject Line A/B testing enables your marketing team to determine which message convinced your audience to open and engage with the email sent. By running A/B tests, you can gain a better understanding of your subscribers and their behaviors, allowing you to be more strategic in future campaigns.
Stefanie Winnicki
July 22, 2015

Email Marketing Guidelines That Drive Success

Optimize the success of your campaign with a creative email marketing guideline. Email marketing is one of the best weapons in a company’s arsenal and the majority of consumers still prefer it when receiving offers or other promotions. The following email marketing guidelines can help you create impactful emails and drive the success of your campaigns. Fluid Layout Rid your emails of a fixed width layout. A fluid layout utilizes percentage-based sizing in order to adapt…
Dave Bataille
July 16, 2015

July 2015 Newsletter | Auto Best Practice

A dealership’s first interaction with a customer isn’t always in the showroom, it is often online. We live in a digital world and all retailers, including automotive, need to have a competitive digital marketing strategy. That's where auto best practices come in.
Madison Dratch
June 29, 2015

Bridge Acquires Motrixi

News Release: Thursday, May 21, 2015 Fort Lee, NJ Bridge Marketing, the premier provider of marketing automation services, today announced the acquisition of Motrixi Media Group, a leading mobile programmatic ad buying and Data Company. The acquisition of Motrixi, with its focus on mobile data and mobile ad serving, will further accelerate Bridge and its clients’ marketing efforts across all media platforms. The integration of Motrixi’s mobile capabilities will enhance Bridge’s targeting database and allow…
Madison Dratch
May 21, 2015


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