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Advertising Strategies for Challenging Times

When a recession comes, don't stop advertising. Dropping your ad budget destroys all the work you've done over the previous months and years, and puts you in a disadvantageous position when the economy picks back up (and it will pick back up). Take advantage of this time to stand out. Here’s how you will benefit:  Greater Share of Voice. In almost all product and service categories the noise level will drop as competitors cut back…
Madison Dratch
April 6, 2020

Data privacy matters every day of the year

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. At BRIDGE, we’re dedicated to this mission every day of the year. As data continues to power incredible opportunities for marketers and consumers alike, cultural and regulatory forces are increasingly shaping its use. This is a good thing. More attention to privacy only means a more meaningful conversation going forward -- and, hopefully…
January 28, 2020
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How to use digital marketing to reach under-served voters and win local elections

If you want to win a local election, the path to victory lies in maximizing your digital marketing efforts to reach under-served voters. You need to make sure none of your budget is wasted, and that you only reach real voters in your electorate (and not, say, bots, or those who won't vote). BRIDGE now offers a solution to help you maximize your digital marketing strategy for local elections, reach these voters with certainty, show…
January 24, 2020

Cookies are on the way out. Here’s why there’s nothing to fear.

Google announced in January that they will be phasing out cookies in their Chrome browser within the next two years. This change will impact the ability of advertisers to deliver targeted messages in cookie-based media channels. At BRIDGE, we are ready to address these changes. Here are our marketplace principles that will guide our work in solving this for our customers and partners. 1. Technology accelerates everything This is nothing to fear. As it has…
Madison Dratch
January 17, 2020
People-Based MarketingPrivacy

WTF is identity resolution?

We worked with Digiday to put a spotlight on identity resolution, and our guide — aptly titled “WTF is Identity Resolution?” — serves to better illuminate the oft-used buzz term, showing how marketers are using data to reach real people across all their devices.
January 10, 2020

Adapt or die: How modern agencies must flourish (or face the consequences)

It's a jungle out there. And for the modern agency, it's adapt or die. Consider this quote from Michael Kassan, the chairman and CEO of MediaLink. He says: "Nobody has a crystal ball and nobody can say the agency of the future will be this way or that way. But what we can say is that there has to be a true willingness for the agency of the future to be more adaptive and reflective…
January 6, 2020

A national data privacy law could be taking shape. Here’s why that’s great news.

On January 1st, the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect. It’s the nation’s strictest privacy law yet and is paving the way for other states to act. The CCPA is the first of potentially many jurisdictional laws meant to protect U.S. consumers and will help close the gap between where laws currently are and where we believe they should be. And now there’s movement on a national scale: a wave of Senate activity that…
December 10, 2019

How Fortnite changed the game for mobile app developers

Recently, the makers of Fortnite took a wild chance, pulling their massively-popular game offline for 48 hours. Users spent lots of time staring at a “black hole,” and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, didn’t provide much information about what was happening. The lack of info only drummed up excitement, leading to countless streams, tweets, and articles. The New York Times covered the "black hole." Variety hailed Fortnite's "masterful stroke." The general consensus was: by…
October 22, 2019