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We help our customers rise above advertising complexity by making it easy for them to connect with their buying audience.




Our Philosophy

Consumers are changing the way they engage with media, data is changing the way brands communicate with consumers, and Bridge is powering that change. We are continually investing in our ability to meet our clients’ evolving digital marketing needs and produce marketing solutions.

Since our founding, we have partnered with leading brands and agencies, offering cost-effective data solutions and targeted digital marketing campaigns. We are continuously creating innovative technologies and custom solutions to better understand consumers and reach custom audiences across all devices.

It all starts with powerful data.

With Bridge Audience Data growing everyday we could let the numbers do the talking for us, but it’s not all about volume. We take the quality of our data further by ensuring you are reaching real people without the fraud.

You can use our data solutions to help you acquire new customers and better understand your existing ones. Our response activity data identities the precise consumers that are most likely to respond to your campaign, maximizing your performance metrics, ROI and conversion rates.









Multi-Channel Campaigns

Making connections in an always-connected world.

Bridge’s multi-channel solution allows marketers to evolve with the change in consumer media consumption across screens. Our dedicated account management teams help you connect with the right consumers through an integrated people-based marketing solution that targets consumers across all devices.

From audience development to creative services, campaign management through deployment, our teams work together to manage the process from start to finish.


Tie dollars back to an individual

We start all of our campaigns by creating an audience of verified people. With every campaign, we match your sales data to understand exactly who from your target audience made a purchase from your business.

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People-Based Marketing

Our guide on implementing an effective people-based marketing strategy.

Case Study

B2B Audience Targeting

Bridge utilized B2B audience segments for a targeted campaign and generated $25,000 in sales.

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