To grow their business, Avacor needed a solution to accurately identify and eliminate the invalid, undeliverable, and risky email addresses in their legacy database so they could safely mail the clean, valid emails and profitably reactivate their valuable former buyers. In short, Avacor needed a hygiene and verification solution to organize their customer database of emails.


Email Verification & Hygiene




Invalid and Risky Emails Plague Legacy Database and Prevent Reactivations

Avacor delivers the leading FDA Approved formula for hair regrowth. Finding a solution to reactivate its email database of inactive buyers, however, was an even bigger challenge. Avacor saw significant value in its 10-year old legacy file and hoped to re-engage former buyers with a compelling “Welcome Back” email promotion.

Unfortunately, when Avacor started emailing a small segment of former buyers they immediately received a flood of hard bounce notifications and learned the majority of their inactive buyer email addresses were invalid. They then received a stern warning from their email service provider to stop mailing invalid email addresses or risk having their email service completely deactivated. Avacor was forced to stop mailing their legacy database and watched the value and quality of their inactive buyer file continue to deteriorate.

The Solution

Evaluating the Field and Choosing the Right Vendor

The Avacor Team evaluated email hygiene and verification services from leading industry service providers including Bridge Marketing, ImpressionWise, BriteVerify, and LeadSpend. Bridge presented an integrated processing solution on their consolidated enterprise platform that included both hygiene and verification in both batch and real-time environments.

After a detailed evaluation process, Avacor’s analysis determined that Bridge’s email hygiene and verification performance excelled across all data quality metrics. Avacor was further impressed with the convenience and simplicity of achieving the industry’s highest standard of data quality with one single vendor.

We were impressed with the superior data quality performance Bridge Marketing delivered on our 10-year old inactive buyer file and delighted that Bridge was able to provide us with a convenient solution for BOTH email hygiene AND verification on their unified enterprise platform.

Ross KatzAvacor CEO


Cleaning up the Avacor Legacy Database

Avacor engaged Bridge Marketing to analyze their legacy file which contained inactive records up to 10 years old. Bridge performed VerifyMe email verification with hygiene services and proprietary algorithms to accurately identify all valid, safe, and deliverable emails.

Bridge delivered a detailed disposition code on each email record indicating if the record was valid, safe, and deliverable for mailing. These codes reflected Bridge’s comprehensive analysis of all email hygiene and verification categories including hard bounce, bad domain, bad extension, bad word, duplicate record, and more.

Across Avacor’s entire inactive buyer file, Bridge identified that 20% of the 10-year old legacy records were valid, deliverable, and safe for reactivation mailings. Bridge confirmed that 80% of the legacy records were invalid, undeliverable, or risky for mailing. Avacor promptly suppressed these unmailable records and mailed reactivation campaigns to the 20% valid, safe, and deliverable records that Bridge identified.


Immaculate Data Quality Unlocks Unexpectedly Strong Reactivations

After Bridge’s hygiene and verification processing, Avacor’s reactivation campaign results exceeded all expectations. Avacor immediately engaged their legacy database with email reactivation campaigns that achieved 99+% confirmed delivery. The records Bridge identified as invalid, undeliverable, or risky were removed from the campaign, which effectively eliminated all complaints and unsubscribes. This was a quantum improvement in data quality and Avacor’s emailing reputation remained excellent for inbox delivery.

Most importantly, customer response rates for the cleaned file were significatly stronger than expected. Response rates for reactivation campaigns are now getting delivered with an average 8% open rate and 22% click thru rate. Years after their last purchase, inactive buyers are still receptive to the Avacor message and enthusiastic to reactivate their engagement.

What’s more, Bridge’s pricing was dramatically lower than any other vendor – it completely blew us away. Bridge Marketing enabled us to profitably reactivate inactive buyers and now we fully appreciate the value of reactivating older names with Bridge email hygiene and
verification services.

Ross KatzAvacor CEO

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