A company responsible for delivering strategic content and product development across its nationwide portfolio of brands is currently running its own B2B lead generation program.

The multi-channel program utilizes email marketing, social media, display advertising, and content marketing tactics to generate new leads. The company turned to Bridge Marketing to act as a third party in its email marketing solution, utilizing our B2B targeting capabilities.


Multi-Channel Targeting


Publication Company


In order to generate revenue through the creation of leads, the company needed to utilize design and tactical methods to engage users. Bridge offered its B2B targeting capabilities to support this internal B2B lead generation program to ensure the company would easily be able to reach new and relevant leads.

How Bridge Helped

Bridge partnered with the company and presented our targeting abilities. Using geotargeting, in collaboration with targeting through company revenue ranges and specific company titles, Bridge was able to help the company identify its audience. Bridge specifically targeted C-level, Presidents, Owners, Marketing, and Founder relation titles.

Bridge then utilized our multi-channel campaigns to deliver media on the individual level through display and email, driving business to the company internally. By delivering the message across multiple platforms, Bridge was able to increase sales as well as total revenue.



In the case of one campaign, Bridge ran a match back analysis and attributed $25k in sales to the multi-channel campaign. With costs of about $4k, the campaign delivered a favorable ROI of 525%. Sales cycles run a total of two to eight months, so a greater increase in revenue is projected to follow.

Through this campaign, Bridge was able to help conduct an in-depth analysis of B2B advertiser data and post-campaign results, allowing the company to recreate similar successful programs in the future.

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