Non-Profit organizations often find difficulty reaching the appropriate target audience when fundraising for their campaigns. Non-Profits must be persistent and relevant when seeking donations and Bridge Marketing has the data needed to reach an audience that is specifically interested in your platform.


Custom Audience Data


Cancer Research and Treatment Center

The Challenge

A cancer research and treatment center was looking to drive donations through their initiative to support research on new therapy treatment within the cancer center. They turned to Bridge to help spread the word. Bridge helped by identifying the target audience and deploying a cohesive and specific email campaign to ensure results.

Custom Audience Creation

Bridge used their custom audience segments to identify an ideal target audience of 40,000 individuals to deploy three consecutive email blasts over a one-month period.

The total spent was approximately $5,000. Bridge specifically targeted Connecticut residents, ages 40-75, with an income +$100K. The emails were only deployed to residents of over 15 years and to those with a prior interest in donating to worthy causes.

Total Spent
Campaign Donations

The Results

The cancer center provided donation results from the campaign duration. We ran a point of sale match-back to attribute $90,000 of donations yielding from our campaign efforts.

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