A local leading supplier of home furniture wanted to increase store traffic and boost sales. They decided to offer their customers a special Tax Season Sale and turned to Bridge Marketing to help spread the word. Bridge helped identify the perfect audience and delivered a local email marketing campaign to increase store traffic and sales. Using the furniture store’s promotion, Bridge reached over 100,000 people and attributed over $180,000 in sales.


Local Email Campaign


Furniture Store

The Challenge

With millions of nationwide furniture stores vying for the same customers, local stores are faced with the challenge of finding innovative marketing techniques to improve ROI and drive local sales. Bridge Marketing offers new hyper-local digital marketing strategies and targeted campaigns aimed at qualified audiences to do just that.

How Bridge Solutions Helped

Bridge used their custom audience segments to identify an audience of 100,000 consumers that were most likely to respond to the sale. For this specific campaign, Bridge targeted females ages 25-50, with a household income of $100,000 or less, who were within a 10-mile radius of a specific location and had an interest in retail/furniture. This audience was targeted to ensure that the campaign was reaching the most relevant consumers.

Targetable Consumers

25-50 years old
HHI: $100,000 or less
Within 10-mile radius
Interest in furniture

Bridge then created an email campaign and used their in-house email technology to deliver the promotion to the 100,000 interested consumers in their area. Once the email was sent, over 8,000 consumers showed interest in the sale, proving that the targeted audience was successful.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

After Bridge delivered the promotional email to the 100,000 identified consumers, the store had over 400 sales directly related to the campaign and generated over $180,000 in revenue.

The return on investment was over 100x the campaign cost. This campaign was so successful for the furniture store that they decided to run the same promotion and deliver it to another identified custom audience with Bridge’s help.

Number of Sales
Revenue Earned
Campaign ROI

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