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Our mission is simple:

We help agencies accelerate revenue growth through new products and solutions.

At BRIDGE, we provide agencies with digital solutions that drive profit. These enhance results for existing clients and help attract new ones.

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See how BRIDGE has helped agencies expand profitable services to their clients:

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We run over 70K campaigns per year
across multiple verticals
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Our suite of digital solutions
increased an agency’s revenue by 400%

The Company We Keep

The Benefits

Faster time to Market

Our unparalleled data hygiene, matching and triangulation processes arm you with an audience file that's timely, accurate, and complete, enabling you to react to market changes and grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Add Services & Profit

Accelerate your revenue growth by efficiently acquiring new customers most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Digital Expertise on Demand

Our proprietary solutions adapt to marketplace shifts and meet marketers' needs in today's rapidly evolving digital environment. We are a completely multichannel media provider and can activate all media types including CTV, OTT, and other expanding media marketplaces.


The BRIDGE Difference

Our PII data is 100% secure, permissioned-based, and opt-in and we have complete ownership of our data.

We connect the email addresses of real people to a wealth of permission-based signals that help us better understand their behaviors, interests, consumption patterns, and more.

We will handle your campaign from start to finish, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on what’s important: your agency.

Use our suite of digital products and solutions to connect with real people interested in your products or services. 

We are your trusted real people-based marketing partner with expertise in account management, data science, and multichannel media strategy and will provide full-service end-to-end campaign support.

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