We already know your next customer

BRIDGE is the only audience creation and people management platform you need to define the exact audience you want to reach.
The BRIDGE Difference

It all starts with our unique insights and audience knowledge of more than 250 million people, based on carefully verified information from registered email addresses and more than one billion devices. Unlike some companies, we own all of our data, which we’ve collected ethically and directly from consumers with two forms of consent.

Meaningful connections from start to finish

In every campaign, every person you want to reach is qualified and known. That means highly relevant ad targeting that fundamentally changes how customer relationships begin and develop in a multiscreen world. You can finally pinpoint your true audience, with insights that let you achieve real one-to-one marketing.

Stop guessing and start connecting with confidence

Our data helps us better understand users with over 650 different audience segments. And our data can be activated anywhere. Facebook, email, desktop, connected TV—wherever your buyer is, we are, too. Our data goes even further by using response activity to identify the type of media that best reaches your ideal customer, with the highest conversion within your industry.

Understand your audience with unique insights

Our ability to leverage data, permission and technology lets you better sell to and serve consumers across all channels and devices. You get consumer insights you can’t get anywhere else, like app usage, Bluetooth connections, geographic location, and more—a constantly evolving understanding of your audience.

Hyper-Targeting Capabilities

We take the uncertainty out of marketing to connect you to the people who are most likely to buy. Because we already know your next customer.

Discover your audience today


Serve hyper-local, relevant ads to audiences while they are near your specific retail location to drive in-store visits and sales.


Target ads in real-time based on weather condition within each zip code.


Target multiple devices linked together in a variety of combinations to reach a single user for most effective results.

Household Extension

Expand target to every device in a household to drive engagement.