We make your data better.

BRIDGE is built on the belief that businesses should have access to the most robust data solutions. We make data easy to use, transparent, and deliver results that the business owner can see.

Our data quality is our differentiator.

You have data. That’s a good thing. Now you need a partner to help you understand it— and to monetize it. 

Find Your Next Customer

Acquire new business by creating a set of customers that look like your ideal customers with similar lifestyles, interests, consumption behaviors, & more.

Better Understand Customers

We connect online and offline attributes to build a complete picture, enabling you to learn more about your customers and create deeper relationships with them.

Maintain File Integrity

We help you maintain the integrity of your data file with our high quality data. Create accurate, timely and complete profiles of actual, verified people.

We fill gaps

Maybe you already know that your customers live in New Jersey and are 18-24 years old, but you don’t know what kind of car they’re shopping for. We can help with that.

We're neutral

When sharing data, you need a neutral party that won’t siphon off your competitive insights. Bridge is unbiased and protects the data of its clients.

We know people

We have 250 million verified humans in our platform, from fitness enthusiasts in Maine to gamers in Omaha. Our data is ethically sourced and helps you avoid bots and clickfarms.

We're compliant

We’re GDPR and CCPA compliant, and members of the DAA, a non-profit focused on responsible privacy practices. We also think it’s time for a unified national data privacy law.

Privacy matters

We collect first-party, permission-based data from mobile apps and websites, and demographic and psychographic data from offline partners. We believe that all companies should be honest with their users about how they use data. For more on our privacy initiatives, click here.

The BRIDGE Difference

Knowledge of actual people and deterministic data

By combining our rich database of offline, online, and mobile consumer information we ensure that we are reaching actual, verified individuals. Here’s how we collect the data.

High-quality segments
  • Quality segments that advertisers look for
  • Email registration and mobile data collected 24/7; taxonomy updated quarterly
Customer success
  • A dedicated account team that understands your goals
  • Onboarding process
  • An understanding of potential customers and share insights with you
Transparency & Trust
  • GDPR Compliant
  • CCPA Compliant
  • 100% user opt-in
  • Complete ownership of data

Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio campaign connects with 1M+ Real People.

National Furniture Retailer

Custom audience and multichannel campaign drive 13M in revenue.

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