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Businesses from every vertical are awash in data, but they’re not maximizing its value— not even close. Two thirds of data available to enterprises goes unleveraged. 

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BRIDGE connects online and offline attributes to build a complete picture of real people, enabling you to learn more about your customers and create deeper relationships with them.
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Using our best-in-class data hygiene and verification solutions, we first clean and validate your data to ensure your audience lists only contain up-to-date information. Then, we match your data against our BRIDGE CONNECT℠ database to give you the most accurate, timely, and complete understanding of your target audience.

While other providers identify individuals by matching similar characteristics at the persona level, we link consumer attributes at the human level. This allows us to unify disparate digital attributes tied to a REAL individual and maintain referential data integrity.

Key Capabilities
Data Appends

Match a piece of your customer's contact information to the attributes in BRIDGE CONNECT to create a complete picture of your customers.

True Identity Resolution

Tie all links with all records deduplicated to an actual human, not a representative digital persona.

Data Enrichment

Discover more about your customers and prospects such as their demographics, lifestage, location, mobile activity, purchase history, and more.

The Benefits

Our unparalleled data hygiene, matching and triangulation processes arm you with an audience file that’s timely, accurate, and complete, enabling you to react to market changes and grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Our data is deterministic and based on the actual digital, mobile and offline behavior of REAL people. Knowing more about your customers allows you to create deeper relationships with them.

Effectively manage consumer opt-outs and opt-ins under one roof to better protect consumer choice and your company’s security.

Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio campaign connects with 1M+ Real People.

National Furniture Retailer

Custom audience and multichannel campaign drive 13M in revenue.

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