Maintain file integrity
with high quality data.

On average, data deteriorates at a rate of 2.5% – 3% compounded each month. We help you maintain the integrity of your data with our unique ability to create accurate, timely and complete profiles of actual people.

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Additionally, we deliver over 125K campaigns a year against the BRIDGE CONNECT Database, which provides us with direct feedback on changes to consumers personal information. This allows us to continually learn from and refresh our data so you can have confidence in our ongoing commitment to data quality.
Key Capabilities
Enhanced Matching

Match your file against our database on a regular cadence to ensure you're always working with the most accurate, timely and complete data.

Clean and Verify

Our proprietary data hygiene technology extensively cleans our data and removes duplicates from our database with unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to utilize our data efficiently.

Combine and Unify

Bring all your data together in one place so you're consistently working off of one standard.

The Benefits

Because we are a permissioned-based PII data provider, we are immune to industry changes such as browsers’ phasing out of cookies and ongoing attempts of walled gardens to control user privacy.

Our data hygiene algorithm brings together 98.7% of matchable records, far surpassing any other hygiene process in the marketplace.

Our data is 100% permission-based, opt-in and CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant, and we have complete ownership of our data.

Programmatic Audio

Programmatic Audio campaign connects with 1M+ Real People.

National Furniture Retailer

Custom audience and multichannel campaign drive 13M in revenue.

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