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How to pinpoint auto shoppers to increase sales

Discover how to solve an auto dealer’s most daunting challenge: finding its next customer. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

1. How to target auto shoppers near your dealership
2. Email delivery and mobile display best practices for optimal impressions
3. Importance of point of sale match-back and cross-device pixel tracking

People-based reporting and the future or digital marketing metrics

The metrics digital marketers wrestle with are bad. There, we said it. Open rates. CTR. Impressions. While offering bits and pieces of the whole picture, none of these metrics actually tell you that a real person saw your message, engaged with it, and bought your product.

In this webinar, we’ll show you the metrics that matter. You know, the ones that show engagement from actual humans (not bots) and actual conversions.

Black Friday: 3 simple steps to drive sales on the biggest shopping day of the year

Black Friday is big and full of noise.

So how do you cut through that noise and make sure you target the right audience? How do you make sure that that audience is full of REAL people (not bots or cookies)? How much money do you spend? And how do you make sure your dollars don’t go to waste?

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Top 5 Paid Search Tips for 2020

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