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We solve businesses’ most daunting challenge: finding their next customer.

Digital marketing offers what seems like endless new ways to advertise. But let’s face it, figuring out the right targeting strategy can be really hard. There are so many choices and so little you can be sure of. Like whether you’re actually talking to your best prospects or spending too much money to reach lots of uninterested people. 

BRIDGE is the people-based marketing platform that helps you rise above advertising complexity. We can connect you to your true buying audience. 

Because we already know your next customer.

Our advantage starts with our knowledge of actual people. While other companies merely sell data, we sell knowledge. We’ve created custom profiles for every one of the more than 250 million verified people in our database, BRIDGE CONNECT, and share insights nobody else has. That’s because we know every single person in our audience. 

Our data is the most accurate there is. It was ranked #1 by Truthset, an independent firm that measures the quality of consumer data. Other companies SAY they have accurate data, but this study proved that ours is a cut above. 

In a world full of endless options, we make it easy to find your ideal customers. Then we help you reach them anywhere — Facebook, email, desktop, mobile, search, connected TV, audio — wherever your buyer is, we are too. Then we analyze the performance of your campaign so you can keep improving for better and better results. 

And because we know who people are individually, we can show you real results and how we grew your business.

Know your next customer. Know how to reach them. Know that you’re making the most of every ad dollar spent. 

Connect with actual people and grow your business.


The BRIDGE Difference

Permission, Transparency, and Trust

Our PII data is 100% secure, permissioned-based and opt-in and we have complete ownership of our data.

Accurate, Timely & Complete Audience Data

We connect the email addresses of actual people to a wealth of permission-based signals that help us better understand their behaviors, interests, buying patterns, and more.

Unparalleled Data Coverage

Our database reaches all marketable adults in the United States. BRIDGE CONNECT data is embedded in the entire digital advertising economy. We are the white-label source for almost all of the major data players in the marketplace.

Customer Success

We are your trusted real people-based marketing partner with expertise in account management, data science, and multichannel media strategy and will provide full service end-to-end campaign support.

Benefits of partnering with BRIDGE

Our data is 100% permission-based, opt-in and CCPA, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant.

Because we are a permissioned-based PII data provider, we are immune to industry changes such as browsers’ phasing out of cookies and ongoing attempts of walled gardens to control user privacy.

Our proprietary solutions such as Email People and B2P data adapt to marketplace shifts and meet marketers’ needs in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. We are a completely multichannel media provider and can activate all media types including CTV, OTT, and other expanding media marketplaces.

Start by building your audience using our proprietary custom audience builder. Then, we can deliver media to your audience on your behalf, or enrich and give you back your data so you can run the media on your own.

We start with a comprehensive audience of actual, verified people so we’re able to accurately show you who’s engaging with your messages, buying your products and visiting your stores, increasing the return on your marketing investment.

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