This was the most important conversation at the LUMA Digital Media Summit

On May 14, we attended the Luma Digital Media Summit, an event that separates itself from similar events through its sheer volume of heavy-hitters, and the ideas these heavy-hitters bring to the table. There were CEO’s, COOs, and EVPs from The New York Times, Axios, Snap, Verizon, Accenture, Publicis, and GroupM, among others. The keynotes and firesides had information -- good information -- and, in general, we can report that the future of the digital…
May 17, 2019
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Mobile Advertising IDs, explained

You want to create the best experience possible for your users and make sure they’re getting served with ads they actually care about. That can get tricky on mobile devices. Enter the MAID. Mobile Advertising IDs -- or MAIDs, for short -- are strings of digits assigned to mobile devices. Android assigns them. So does Apple. If you’re into cooking, news apps use them to float food-related content to the top of your feed. Instagram…
May 15, 2019

What happens when a mobile app is non-compliant in its data policy?

You’ve got a mobile app and lots of happy users. That's good. But one surefire way to submarine this good thing is to be non-compliant in your data privacy policy. Not only would you erase any goodwill with your users, but you might also be fined by regulators. Let’s take a closer look at the consequences of non-compliance, so you can better avoid that scenario. What are the penalties for violating privacy regulations? If you…
May 9, 2019

PII vs. non-PII data: what the heck is the difference?

There are two types of data in this world: the data that can identify an individual, and everything else. When it comes to data that can identify people, think things like postal addresses and phone numbers. When it comes to “everything else,” think IP addresses and location. One data set identifies an individual. The other doesn’t, but still provides information that’s useful for a marketer, an app developer, or a news website looking to optimize…
May 7, 2019

This is the terrifying question keeping marketers awake at night

You want to reach someone. The problem is, they consume media in more places than ever. They watch Netflix on an iPad. They read the Washington Post on an iPhone. They use a desktop for work, but only some days, because one day a week they work from home and use their laptop. Pretty cool for them. Not as cool if you’re a marketer trying to deliver a message to them. And we haven’t even…
April 30, 2019
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How to segment your audiences, attract new users, and make more money

You’ve got data. That’s good. You know how people use your app. Or maybe you know what articles they enjoy on your website. Or the levels in your online game they like playing the most. But now you want to do more with that data. Maybe you’re Instagram, and want to increase engagement on live video. Or you’re the Washington Post, and want to get articles about “Game of Thrones” in front of people who…
April 25, 2019

Be honest with your users about how you use their data. They’ll love you for it.

Privacy matters. All you have to do is look at the recently-launched “Privacy Project” from The New York Times. It’s an ambitious — and ongoing — examination of privacy in an increasingly digital world. The Times is dedicating enough resources to the project that they’ve given it its own website and Twitter account. Or look at Apple's most recent marketing campaign ("Privacy. That's iPhone."). In a series of humorous quick-cuts in bathrooms, cars, and any…
April 22, 2019

Auto dealers: follow these 8 golden rules for digital marketing

Al Khouri knows how quickly a talented car dealer can go extinct. He watched the internet turn a whole generation of them into dinosaurs. “What worked for them for years,” he said. “No longer worked for them.” Khouri, the general manager of DCH Millburn Audi in Maplewood, New Jersey, knows that dealers used to wing it. Maybe they’d run some radio or TV, or announce a sale in the newspaper. It was always enough. Until…
April 8, 2019
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6 Essential Steps to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

When the right steps are taken, email marketing campaigns can substantially promote customer engagement and business growth. Here's our quicklist for creating a GOOD email campaign: Make your CTA sing Have great landing pages in place Segment your audience Write content people actually care about Pick the right day to send your email Clean. Your. Data. Our VP of data Ari Saposh spoke with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about effective email marketing.
April 2, 2019
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5 data points every auto dealer needs to grow business

We run a lot of successful marketing campaigns for car dealers. During one recent campaign, we helped sell 140 cars. The campaign cost the dealer $10,000. This dealer trusted us and didn’t get fixated on one data point. This is important, because sometimes, well, dealers do get fixated on one data point. Maybe they're obsessed with location-based data. Or a particular demographic. They want to target dads with one child (but not two!) who make between $64,000 and $65,000 a year. Also,…
Ari Saposh
April 1, 2019