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Are you hoping to get your ads in front of millions of adoring fans during the year’s biggest live sports events? We’ve all witnessed the meteoric rise of Connected TV (CTV) in recent years, and live sports is no exception to the streaming craze.

With 74% of marketers expressing a preference for CTV ads during live sports over traditional sports sponsorships, it’s clear that CTV advertising is no longer just a passing trend.

At BRIDGE, we’re leveraging this seismic shift by providing our clients with unparalleled access to live sports advertising on CTV through our strategic partnerships and exclusive premium inventory access. While others in the marketplace are tied down by limitations, leave it to BRIDGE to get your message in front of your target sports-viewing audience.

How CTV Outplays Traditional TV

As traditional cable TV faces a steady decline, CTV has emerged as the preferred method of live sports viewing. A staggering 72% of viewers watched Super Bowl LVI on CTV or smart TV devices. And this wasn’t just a one-time phenomenon—live sports streaming now represents 30% of all CTV streaming. But why is this shift happening, and why is it crucial for advertisers to take notice?

With the on-demand convenience of CTV, it’s no surprise that it’s rewritten the rulebook on television consumption. The secret to its popularity lies in its seamless, user-focused experience. Unlike traditional cable TV, CTV offers viewers the freedom to watch one’s favorite sports or media anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

So why does this matter for your brand? CTV’s advanced targeting capabilities ensure that your ad dollars are not just spent, but invested, reaching the right audience at the right time. You no longer have to cast a wide net and hope for the best—with the precision and relevance that CTV brings, your ads will bring in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Capitalize on BRIDGE’s Unique Live Sports CTV Advertising

CTV advertising is transforming, and BRIDGE is leading the charge with the introduction of our live sports CTV advertising solution. Unmatched by any competitor, our CTV capability is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes—whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company.

So why should you choose us for your live sports advertising needs?

Affordability at the Forefront 

First, our CTV advertising capabilities are always affordable. Cost should never be a barrier to putting your brand in the spotlight during the most-watched sports events of the year. Your investment with BRIDGE goes further because we believe every business deserves the chance to make a maximum impact with their ad spend.

Precision Targeting for Optimal Impact 

BRIDGE’s unique CTV platform focuses on precision targeting rather than casting a wide net. By honing in on your ideal audience based on their specific interests, lifestyles, and locations, BRIDGE provides access to more people with direct and targeted messaging. This ensures that your ads resonate with dedicated sports fans who are already inclined to engage with your brand.

Accessible for Every Business 

The accessibility of BRIDGE’s CTV advertising capability is a defining feature. This offering isn’t exclusive to million-dollar enterprises; it’s an opportunity for any business looking to get its message in front of the largest live sports audiences on CTV. BRIDGE is tearing down barriers, ensuring that every company, regardless of its size or budget, has the chance to shine in the live sports advertising arena

Leverage Real-Time Metrics

What further sets BRIDGE apart is our real-time analytics and metrics. How can your brand benefit from ad analytics that pivots as quickly as the game itself? The answer is agility. With BRIDGE’s data-driven insights, you don’t have to wait until the season’s end to measure the effectiveness of your advertisements. You can optimize your campaigns on the fly, ensuring that your every move is as strategic as the ones on TV.

The Winning Game Plan with BRIDGE

Choosing BRIDGE for your live sports advertising needs provides your brand with an unparalleled advantage. With an innovative approach, BRIDGE helps you confidently navigate the competitive live sports advertising terrain. The investment in BRIDGE’s CTV capabilities ensures that every dollar spent is a strategic investment in reaching the most engaged sports audiences.

As we approach major sporting events like March Madness and The Olympics, acting as an early adopter with BRIDGE allows you to benefit from current rates before demand increases and prices follow suit. The opportune time is now to secure your place at the forefront of viewers’ minds.

Don’t Let the Competition Outplay You

In a landscape where success is measured by conversions, BRIDGE has a proven track record of transforming CTV ad investments into successful outcomes. Businesses choose BRIDGE time and time again for its ability to deliver results and enhance brand visibility. This is your opportunity to witness the power of an innovative advertising experience that goes beyond traditional methods.

Reach out to BRIDGE Today

Reach out to BRIDGE today and witness firsthand how our live sports CTV advertising can change the game for your brand. Contact us now, before the game, and this opportunity passes you by!

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