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From Kickoff to Final Whistle: Reach Actual NFL Viewers with BRIDGE

As the NFL season approaches, excitement is building among football fans across the U.S. This season promises unforgettable moments, from the first kickoff to the playoffs. Every touchdown, tackle, and game-winning play will captivate millions of viewers, making NFL games some of the most-watched events in American sports. For advertisers, the NFL’s massive viewership offers […]

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New State Consumer Privacy Laws To Take Effect in 2024

Consumer privacy is a critical aspect of every marketer’s advertising strategy, and with new legislation on the horizon, businesses are facing significant changes. Starting this July, new state privacy laws in Vermont, Oregon, Texas, Montana, and Florida will introduce strict requirements for opt-in consent and place a greater emphasis on ethical data protection practices. In […]

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June Audience Spotlight: Winning Strategies to Connect and Convert

This June, we’re focusing on four first-party custom audiences that present unique opportunities for digital advertisers: cannabis buyers, fitness enthusiasts, online sportsbook players, and active investors. Understanding and effectively targeting these diverse groups is essential for maximizing the impact of your digital advertising efforts. By tailoring your campaigns to the specific needs and behaviors of […]

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People-Based Display Advertising: A Step Towards More Meaningful Connections

As more advertisers have been learning, targeting actual, interested people with your ad content has quickly become the holy grail of effective advertising. It’s no longer about flooding the market with your message; but instead about reaching that one individual who will resonate with your message and initiate the kind of engagement that, in turn, […]

Audience Insights Best Practices People-Based Marketing
reach camping enthusiasts, wherever they are, with first-party data on ACTUAL people

Actual People, Actual Engagement: Your Featured Audiences for May

Digital marketing shines when it moves beyond addressing vague audiences and instead prioritizes connecting with actual people at the individual level. As the industry finally moves away from cookies, one key path to success emerges: first-party data. BRIDGE is laser-focused on helping you leverage first-party data to reach actual, verified people with your message. Each […]

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