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Actual People = No Wasted Ad Spend

BRIDGE outpaced its competitors in a study by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures the quality of consumer audience data. 

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At BRIDGE, our mission is to connect marketers to actual people and this is our area of expertise. Our consumer audience data, BRIDGE CONNECT℠, is deterministic and allows us to pinpoint each person’s identity with confidence and precision. 

We create each profile in our audience by connecting an individual’s email address to their actual digital, mobile, and offline behavior. Unlike providers who build profiles based on a postal address, our unique ability to create accurate, timely, and complete profiles of real people exceeds market standards and enables marketers to leverage our audience data to maintain the integrity of their data files.

We know our data is among the best in the industry.
Now, this knowledge has been validated.

Our data is accurate, timely, and complete in many widely used consumer attributes, including:

Spanish Speakers

Household Income

Presence of Children

Luxury Car Owner

Political Affiliation



Military Status

Pet Owner

Our data quality is our differentiator.

We take tremendous pride in our consumer audience data, not only because this is what our company is built on but because it helps marketers perform better and save money. We ensure their ads reach the people who are interested in buying their products or hearing their message every time.

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