BRIDGE Consumer Audience Data
Ranked #1

BRIDGE has been ranked #1 in consumer data by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer data quality.

In short, this means our data outpaces our competitors’. It is the most accurate and also the most unique. We’re experts in connecting marketers to real people.

At BRIDGE, our mission is to connect with REAL people. We’ve long known our consumer audience data is among the best in the industry. Now, this has been validated.

We received the most #1 rankings in consumer attribute data across
several attributes widely used by marketers:

#1 in household income

#1 in the presence of children

#1 in Hispanic ethnicity

Top 3 in age

Top 3 in gender

Verified People
We've created custom profiles for the more than 250 million verified people in our database.
Unique People
A separate study by Truth{set} also found that of the 250 million verified people in our platform, 70 million people are unique to BRIDGE. Meaning: you can only reach these people by working with us.

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