Digital marketing was always supposed to be this easy

Your next customer is out there. We help you identify who they are, reach them everywhere, and convert them.

Three simple steps for easy digital marketing


Choose who you want to talk to

Maybe you have an idea of what your next customer looks like. Maybe you don't. If you have existing data, we can harness it -- and if you don't, you can use our people-based platform of 250 million verified humans to target gamers, fitness enthusiasts, and everything in between.

Reach them wherever they are

You can supply your own creative, or we'll help you build it. Once we have a compelling message, we deliver it to your audience where they're most likely to engage: desktop, mobile, display, social, paid search, Connected TV, and programmatic audio.

Measure the results

We'll show you how we did: how many people were driven to your website, who engaged with your message, or who shopped at your physical location. No smoke screens. No vague metrics. Just real results.

Here’s what
makes us different

Real people

Only Bridge delivers a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified humans. These are not generic audiences. These are REAL people. We don’t market to bots or cookies and will show you the campaign reporting to prove it.


Real messages to real people means no ad fraud. We programmatically deliver your message via compelling ads to real humans, never bots or clickfarms. We don’t use audiences built from third-party data pulled from suspect sites, cookies, or bid stream data.

Our algorithm

We run tens of thousands of campaigns a year, and use machine learning to customize your media plans and deliver your message to people where they’re most likely to respond: mobile, desktop, display, social, video, native, paid search, Connected TV, programmatic audio, or email.

People-based reporting

We provide traditional metrics, like CTR and open rates. But we also go a step further, providing you people-based reporting on an intuitive visual dashboard. Our metrics tell you who’s engaging with your message, buying your product, and visiting your store — down to the person.

Campaigns that rapidly get smarter

All of our insights come from under one roof, meaning your campaigns will seamlessly iterate and become smarter. If one channel or demographic is outperforming another, our algorithm will focus on that channel or demographic. By going with our one-stop-shop approach, you remove the guesswork.

Success Stories

Auto Group in Michigan

An auto group in Michigan was looking to gain new business for two dealerships— Detroit Buick GMC and Detroit Subaru— solely through new customers.

Leading Wholesale Club

A leading wholesale club was looking to portray the quality of its vendor products, engage new customers and increase store visits.

Let's find your next customer