New State Consumer Privacy Laws To Take Effect in 2024

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Consumer privacy is a critical aspect of every marketer’s advertising strategy, and with new legislation on the horizon, businesses are facing significant changes. Starting this July, new state privacy laws in Vermont, Oregon, Texas, Montana, and Florida will introduce strict requirements for opt-in consent and place a greater emphasis on ethical data protection practices. In 2025, Delaware, Iowa, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Tennessee have similar laws going into effect followed by Indiana and Kentucky in 2026.

As your dedicated data partner, BRIDGE is fully prepared to ensure compliance and continue prioritizing consumer privacy in data collection efforts. 

What’s changing?

Consumer privacy regulation is undergoing significant changes nationwide. Characterized by a heightened focus on the actions involved in processing personal data, such as collection, storage, and modification, the latest legislation emphasizes the protection of ‘sensitive data.’

Different states, from Colorado to Virginia, have introduced varying definitions of what constitutes sensitive data. In general, sensitive data includes an individual’s ethnicity, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, citizenship or immigration status, biometric or genetic data, medical history, mental or physical health conditions, medical treatments, diagnoses, personal data from a known child, and precise geolocation.

A key aspect of these new laws is the change in consent mechanisms. Unlike states like California and Utah, which have implemented an ‘opt-out’ approach, the new laws in Montana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas require businesses to obtain explicit ‘opt-in’ consent from consumers. This means some businesses may need to make major changes in collecting and handling consumer data.

Our Approach to Compliance

To comply with the ever-changing regulations around personal data, BRIDGE takes a straightforward and thorough approach. We recognize that keeping up with the varied laws across states can be overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify this process for you.

We focus on the ethical collection of data, ensuring that the consumer has explicitly approved every piece of information we gather. We have never collected sensitive data on individuals including credit card numbers, social security, and medical data. 

Our commitment to compliance is emphasized through our strict adherence to the ‘opt-in’ consent model required by laws in several states. This guarantees that we only use data that consumers have willingly provided.

Ensuring Ethical Data Gathering

BRIDGE prioritizes legal collection practices and our approach to gathering data is grounded in ethical principles. We partner with thousands of mobile publishers and online platforms, all of whom are committed to providing opt-in, permission-based data. Plus, our engagement with offline sources is equally meticulous, combining online personas with physical consumer demographics.

This comprehensive, ethical approach to data gathering allows BRIDGE to only provide our clients with dynamic, ethically sourced data that respects consumer’s right to privacy.

Your Trusted Partner in a Regulatory World

The changes brought on by the latest state data privacy laws are an opportunity for businesses to showcase their ongoing dedication to the best interests of their consumers. At BRIDGE, we view these laws not as a limitation but as an opportunity to guide businesses toward more compliant and consumer-centric marketing strategies.

With us as your ally, you can move forward in your advertising efforts with confidence. Our commitment to ethics and compliance ensures that each wave of change brings the opportunity for a stronger, more informed marketing strategy—one that respects consumer privacy and the laws set aside by state regulations.

BRIDGE creates lasting connections between businesses and their ACTUAL, verified consumers. Trust us to guide you to success, step by step, with a focus on compliance and putting the consumer first.

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