Consumer audience data that’s accurate, timely, and complete.

At BRIDGE, our mission is simple: we connect businesses with ACTUAL people.

Our data is 100% opt-in, permission-based, and privacy-compliant, allowing you to make informed decisions with reliable insights at your fingertips.

Show Me How

Meet BRIDGE CONNECT℠, our consumer audience database that allows you to reach actual people with accuracy and precision.

Built from Email at the Human Level

We are the preeminent email provider. Our company is built on our expertise in email marketing, performance, and delivery. This enables us to create the most accurate, timely, and complete profiles of real people.

Build Target Audiences that Perform

Unlike other providers, we build each profile starting with an individual’s verified email address. Then, we connect it to attributes such as

Activate Media Campaigns Across Every Channel

BRIDGE is customizable and flexible– we can deliver media to your target audience on all the devices and services they use.

Better Consumer Audience Data Means Better Results

Our data is the most accurate and the most unique. We’re going to show very clearly how you did and how we did. You’ll know you’re making the most of every ad dollar spent.

What We Can Do for You

Unlock new, actionable insights about your customers, while maintaining full control of your own data.

Accuracy and Scale

Access over 250M profiles of actual, verified people in our database.

Stable & Cookie-Proof

Our data is immune to industry and life-stage changes.

Enhance Connections

We have thousands of lifestyle & audience digital signals available at your fingertips.

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