Cookieless solution

Cookies out,
First Party Data In.

Stop wasting your ad budget on bots and cookies. Only deliver ads to REAL people interested in your product or service on the channels they engage with the most.

Unlike other marketing partners, we’ll never compromise quality or ethics by relying on cookies or targeting people we do not know.

Run Better Campaigns in 3 Simple Steps

At Bridge, we don’t rely on third-party cookies. Instead, we use consent-based first-party data to create a 360-degree view of a real person, deliver them media, and measure real business outcomes (even if those outcomes take place at brick-and-mortar locations).

Male, 43

James Moore

New Jersey, $130K HHI

Fitness Enthusiast, Car Owner


Build Your Custom Audience

Build a custom audience of real people from our 1st-party database that have the attributes of your ideal customer.


Choose The Right Channel

Choose what channel(s) you want to run your campaign on (Email, Social, Display, Native, CTV/OTT, Audio & more).

Leverage our machine learning from nearly 100K campaigns a year to connect with real people where they are most likely to engage.


Measure Success

Easily track success with our Visual Reporting Dashboard.

Match sales to your campaign at no additional cost. All you have to do is import a CSV file from your CRM to our platform.

Additional Measurement Tools Include:

How We're Different

We are THE people-based PII data provider. While other companies merely sell data, we sell knowledge. 

We champion an ethical, forward- thinking approach to privacy and compliance. Our profiles on real people are updated monthly to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to industry, federal, and state regulations.

Our unrivaled people-based intelligence fuels nearly 100,000 campaigns every year. Our data is active- not only do our customers leverage it in their campaigns, we use it too.

BRIDGE CONNECT has been top ranked for two years in a row by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer audience data quality.

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