What Is Your Creative Process?

creative process

Here are some ways to get started with the creative process.

It happens to all of us: you sit down at your desk with a blank slate. An entire project has yet to be completed; the possibilities are endless. Except there’s just one problem – you can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing.

The beginning steps of your creative process are always the most difficult to tackle. All you need is some sort of astounding revelation to get your project going. Fortunately, there are many ways to get your brain thinking and unstick your creative process.

Everyone has his or her own unique way of spurring that noteworthy idea. Here are just a few creative process steps that will get your gears grinding.

What Are Others Doing?

Monkey see monkey do, right? Luckily this idiom does not need to come with its negative connotation. People do tend to learn best by simply just watching or imitating what others are doing.

A helpful step in the creative process is to search the Internet and see what other designers have been creating – whether it has to do with print, web, mobile or logo design.

A great resource to use when you’re stuck in a rut is Behance.net. At Behance, you can narrow your search to iPhone or iPad-specific images and get ideas from multiple industries. Seeing what someone did creatively for the music industry, for example, can very well spark an idea for a project in a different one.

It may also be a good idea to subscribe to a few magazines. Net and Web Designer are just two that could be a valuable resource in helping to kick start some of your ideas. Flip around some old issues. You may just find something that sparks your interest in a new creative.

Sketch it out.

Sometimes the best way to start is to simply pick up a pencil and paper and just get down any thought that comes to mind.

Whether you use it to write down ideas or sketch our different logos or concepts for projects, carrying around a sketchbook will make it much easier for you to remember those small bursts of ideas that come to mind throughout the day. Drawing out all any ideas, even if they aren’t good, is a push in the right direction. Seeing it on paper, arranging copy and graphics in different ways and trying different items from others is a huge help to your creative process.

Once you have a few concepts to start with it will be far easier to transfer them to your preferred design program.

Give yourself some background music.

Music has long been proven to help our minds in numerous ways. Whether you turn on some classical music to keep your mind in focus, turn up pump-up pop music to get your mind motivated to create, or your favorite artist to spark some deep inspiration, music listening is also a beneficial addition to the creative process.

Get off your feet.

Sometimes the only thing you need is a little change of pace. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Get up and move around to get your blood flowing again. A refreshing stroll outside, or even just a lap around the office, is a great way to clear your mind.

When you sit back down at your desk with a rejuvenated brain your creative thoughts will spill out of you thanks to these creative process tips.

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