Cross-Device Advertising: What Makes BRIDGE Different?


Worldwide sales of devices, from mobile phones and smartphones to tablets and PCs, will hit 2.6 billion units this year. One-third of those consumers now own one of each device.

Consumers spend time on these devices, which gives advertisers and marketers opportunities to target the increasingly mobile consumer. Use cross-device targeting to secure the reach to your target audience, where they frequent the most.

Because Bridge was founded on the basis of email, we combine our email with mobile, desktop and social display to offer consumers an effective cross-device strategy.

Email Still a Key Player

Historically, Bridge has found that 70 – 85% of email engagement takes place on a mobile device – and this is ONLY from email! As a result, Bridge account managers have begun to include mobile opens and clicks on tracking reports sent to clients. Email open rates on the mobile device are a key indicator that a shift in device use is occurring. The consumer is becoming mobile and marketing efforts need to focus on the cross-device campaign.

Social Media: An Outlet to Consider

The reality is, while a large majority of consumers will still use their desktop to access their email, brand awareness also lies in the device held within the hands of your consumers. Use the mobile habits of your target audience to your advantage by reaching them on social sites. Let’s not forget that Facebook can also be accessed on a mobile device. Almost every person in the United States has a Facebook account, as well as having the Facebook app downloaded on their mobile device. Why not use this to your advantage and target your audience not only through desktop display but hit them thrice as hard through email, mobile, and social display.

Cross-Device Moving Forward

With the constant changes in technology and email’s continuous shift away from desktop, it is important for your brand to keep up with the times and use every outlet effectively. Trust me when I say, you do not want to fall behind. It is important to determine your goals, identify your target audience, and market using all available platforms in order to drive sales and increase customer engagement. As your trusted partner, we want to see your brand become successful – and we will help you get there!

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