Benefits of a Demand-Side Platform

demand-side platform

Improve your next display campaign with a demand-side platform

The clutter that occupies today’s digital advertising realm can overwhelm potential consumers. They are being targeted by countless different companies, and oftentimes advertisers don’t see the results they aimed for. Demand-side platforms (DSPs) give advertisers the data and tools to create a campaign that is focused.

A DSP makes sense of the immense amounts of data that piles up and determines the optimal candidate for an ad campaign. This ensures that those who are exposed to your ad have a better chance of being interested in your product or service and a higher possibility of acting on what they see.

This technology brings the efforts of media ad bidding, buying, distributing and analyzing into one central user. The benefits of a demand-side platform are vast and deploying this resource on your next campaign is essential to its success.

Real-Time Bidding

Demand-side platforms gain their value in the expansive access they have to digital ad space being offered by supply-side platforms (SSPs). They place bids in real-time across many different ad exchanges, which means you have the most recently updated information on the impressions available for your ad display.

The access to multiple ad exchanges when using a DSP will ensure there is no uncharted territory. You can reach consumers across devices — where they are most — and determine which space is most imperative to your campaign. By using this technology you will gain access to ad exchanges such as DoubleClick, Microsoft Media Network, MarketPlace by AdTech, and AppNexus.


The DSP technology determines which impressions will generate the most value for your specific campaign efforts. The price that is set for these impressions is in relation to the value they hold for you. This means that you aren’t wasting money on ad space that won’t induce results, warranting that the amount you are paying is justified and can lead to an increase in return on investments (ROI).

Advanced Targeting

Once you have successfully purchased the ad space you want, a DSP uses its advanced targeting features to reach your target audience on each channel they may occupy. The many targeting tools a demand-side platform contains help with specifying your reach, making them extremely useful.

DSPs have options to target contextually, geographically, behaviorally, and the ability to retarget. You can apply whichever route benefits your efforts most.

Key Features

Other key features a DSP can offer include dayparting, frequency capping, and creative content management.

Dayparting gives the advertiser the ability to choose the time of day their target is exposed to the campaign. The appeal of dayparting remains specific to the type of campaign you are running, it is especially useful if you want your call to action to reach the target audience during the day while they are at work.

Frequency capping will safeguard potential consumers from overexposure and is a helpful tool in today’s crowded ad space. The creative content tool gives the user the ability to control the design of their display ads in one central system.

All of these tools bring ease to marketing efforts and remain easily accessible in a demand-side platform.

Transparent Data Analysis

Another noteworthy benefit that comes with using the technology behind a demand-side platform is the ability to manage the success of a campaign in real-time. DSPs give the user transparent granular statistics on things such as click-through rate, website traffic, and page view lift.

This type of reporting gives a detailed statistical analysis of the ad execution. Since your campaign is being run through one system across many ad exchanges, it is able to consolidate performance across all sources and give results based on a broader network of media.

These helpful statistics are updated as they occur so there is no delay in receiving the information you need, which can sometimes occur when you are using a traditional ad network. Being able to track a campaign’s success is imperative in the media marketing mix.

Recognizing the Benefits

Does a DSP sound like the missing link in your marketing efforts? Many others agree and their growth is accelerating. The convenience they bring to the table is hard to ignore and increasing amounts of advertisers recognize the ease that comes with utilizing this technology.

To learn more about BRIDGE’s demand-side platform capabilities, click here.

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