BRIDGE is at the 2016 Digital Dealer Conference & Expo!

Digital Dealer Conference

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo!

The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is the largest and most progressive digital automotive event in the U.S.! The Bridge team is attending the 3-day conference and expo this year in Orlando, FL with a 20ft wide 10ft high booth (#430 for those in attendance).

The conference goes from January 19th-21st and registration is available onsite.  A full agenda of the conference is available here: Digital Dealer Conference & Expo: Full Agenda

Digital Dealer’s conference and expo is a great opportunity to meet and learn from innovative speakers and digital technology experts in the industry. Key content focuses on the internet and technology solutions needed in today’s dealerships such as Digital Marketing, SEO/SEM, CRM, Data & Analytics, Social Media, Mobile, Reputation & Loyalty, Sales, F&I, Fixed Operations, Pre-owned Sales and Dealer Management.

BRIDGE’s Seminar: How to Orchestrate Across Channels and Devices to Acquire New Customers

Over 150 attendees from the top 150 Dealership Groups in the U.S. have continued to be in attendance and Bridge is extremely excited to be a part of it. This year the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo features 100+ high-intensity Sessions & Workshops presented by the automotive industry’s most progressive thought leaders.

Our VP of Database, Ari Saposh gave a seminar on how to use multi-channel campaigns to acquire new customers. For those of you that missed the seminar, you can download a copy of our playbook on how we approach digital campaigns differently here: A playbook for acquiring more customers through omnichannel marketing.

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo Keynote Speakers

In addition to the 100+ sessions, The Digital Dealer Conference has an impressive line-up of must-see keynote speakers. This list of this year’s keynote speakers can be found here: Digital Dealer Conference & Expo Keynote Speakers

In the automotive industry? Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from the best in the industry. And if you do, check back soon for a recap of what our team learned from the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo.

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