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Your next customer is out there. It’s time to get your marketing messages in front of the right people.

We’ve curated a premium list of four custom audiences from our consumer audience database, BRIDGE CONNECT, that you can leverage in your next campaign.

All of our data is timely, accurate, and complete so you know exactly who you are targeting. Your future campaigns will stand out and you will be making the most out of every dollar spent.

Ready to learn more about these premium custom audiences? Let’s dive in.


With rewards for travel and cash back it’s no wonder there are so many users are using their credit cards to rack up these points. Now is the perfect time to reach these active credit card users.

We’ll help you target individuals who have installed apps related to dating.

Individuals who are flagged as active credit card purchasers in our offline data set and have also installed or actively engage in the following apps: Capital One Wallet, Discover Mobile, Expense Manager, Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance, Amex Mobile, Bank of America Mobile Banking, Masterpass, Visa Now. Get Started.


Becoming a first-time or new parent can definitely be an exciting yet stressful time. From changing diapers to potty training to a child’s first steps, this is the best time to reach these young/new parents. We’ll help you target individuals who are flagged as young married couples, first-time parents, single parents, expecting parents.

Apps in This Segment Might Include: Baby Connect (activity log), Sound Sleeper White Noise Baby, Feed Baby – Breastfeeding, Parenthood – Parent Tips, Baby Daybook – Daily Tracker, Disney Junior, Baby Night Light, Tinybeans Baby Milestone Album, Nick Jr. – Shows & Games, Breastfeeding Tacker Pumping. Get Started.


Buying a home for the first time can be daunting, finding a loan that works best for each individual can be just as hard. However, it doesn’t have to be. Getting your applications in front of these people poses the best way to help them navigate through the home loan process.

We’ll help you target these individuals who have been flagged as actively seeking a home loan.

Apps in This Segment Might Include: Credit Karma, Experian – Free Credit Report, Credit wise from Capital One, Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance, Wells Fargo Mobile, MyLendingTree, Mortgage Calculator, Bank of America Mobile Banking, MySQL Mobile, Rocket Mortgage Launchpad, Quicken. Get Started.


Small businesses are the backbone of communities, with 32.5M currently throughout the United States. However, small business owners are always looking for ways to increase traffic and sales for their services/products. We’ll help you target individuals who have installed apps related to efficiently running a small business like accounting, or sales apps.

Apps in This Segment Might Include: Cisco WebEx Meetings, Docs To Go™ Free Online Suite, DocuSign – Upload & Sign Docs, Business Insider, Google My Business, Google Docs, AdWords, Skype for Business for Android, Microsoft Office Mobile, Task Manager (Task Killer), The Small Business Owner, Office 365 Admin, OfficeSuite Pro + PDF (Trial), File Commander – File Manager, Evernote, Fiverr – Freelance Services, QuickBooks Accounting + Invoice. Get Started.


BRIDGE CONNECT is customizable and flexible. You will reach real people with accuracy and precision. We can deliver media to your audience on your behalf, or give you back your data so you can run the media on your own.

Better consumer audience data means better results.

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