How to Ensure Success in Email Acquisition

email acquisition

How to Maximize Your Email Acquisition

With hundreds of emails flooding people’s inbox on a daily basis it’s more important than ever to stand out amongst the muck. It’s true, email marketing is hugely effective in acquiring new customers, but if you’re looking to get the highest return on investment, strategic and insightful habits need to start from the very beginning. 

The most important step is getting that initial foot in the door: email acquisition. Before all else, you need emails. However, it’s important to keep in mind the age-old saying of “quality over quantity.” All too often companies find themselves with a huge list of largely untargeted subscribers with low click and open rates. While an extensive list may sound favorable for reaching customers, it’s far better to have a highly targeted list so you can ensure that you are reaching relevant and interested individuals.

Reward Your Subscriber

An effective way to ensure relevant email acquisition is to reward your subscriber with something, such as a coupon, eBook, or information, upon giving his or her email address. You know one thing right off the bat – these customers want your resource, making them valuable prospects.

Implement Pop-Ups

If you are looking for high email acquisition, there are several ways to go about doing so.  A great method is the implementation of pop-ups. Make your sign-up request impossible to miss by having a lightbox appear the moment they enter your webpage, prompting the user to enter their email address for more information. Additionally, make sure your “subscribe” button is prominently displayed across your website and social media.

Set a Good Relationship

Beyond this, you need set a good relationship with your customer upon email acquisition. Be clear with what they will receive when providing their email, and allow them to alter their preferences. Maybe they only want to receive emails once a month, or only ones containing promotions. If you give your customers the freedom to decide when and how they view your emails, you’ll find far fewer clicking on that “unsubscribe” button.

Get Past Spam Filters

Now that you’ve got a strong start off, you need to ensure that these individuals are actually opening the content you are sending. The challenge comes with getting past the spam filter. New email acquisitions will likely heighten your risk of triggering spam filters. Your emails should contain valuable, relevant, and even exclusive information that lets your subscribers know you value that very important piece of information they have given to you: their email. A good way to get past the spam filters on most email sites is to draw a response from your new recipient. Ask your subscribers to reply to your welcoming emails so that future ones are less likely to be flagged as spam.

So how do you engage them enough to send an email back? A great solution is to allow your subscriber to tailor what they receive.  Offer a customized experience by allowing customers to filter out what brands they hear about, what newsletters they receive, or what promotions they are given. Doing so will generate better open rates and stronger feedback. After initially allowing your customer the option to choose what content they are receiving, you are able to customize specialized emails based on your recipient’s behavior and preference. Strong subscriber segmentation will dramatically increase your delivery and open rates.

Optimize For Mobile

With a huge proportion of today’s society accessing the Internet on a mobile device, it is also vital to keep in mind how you appear to your mobile viewers. Optimizing for mobile devices will make a much easier email acquisition process.  As individuals scroll through your site, they want it to be pleasing to the eye. Implement the aforementioned tactics in the mobile format to spur the attention of these users and acquire their email. This way, you are gaining subscribers both at home and on the go.

Give a Second Chance

And if in the unlikely event none of these email acquisition practices succeed, try again! Don’t forget to give your prospects a second chance to subscribe. Be sure to ask why they chose not to give their email, while also reminding them of the benefits you can give back. Utilize a second chance offer for people who did not initially provide their email the ability to change their minds.

Create Valuable Content

Now that you have successfully completed these email acquisition practices, you can focus on maintaining your subscribers. Get in the habit of creating valuable email content so your subscribers can rely on receiving important and worthwhile information. Periodically offer exclusive coupons, additional eBook information, or further case study material. Whatever it is, make sure it cannot be found on your website for the public to maintain the exclusiveness of your emails.

To learn more information about how to further your success in email acquisition and properly captivate your subscribers, connect with us. We can ensure you will receive the proper and personalized tactics you are looking for to help your business grow.

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