Make a great first impression with a striking email header.


With all the advancements in email design and development, text alone emails don’t stand a chance in today’s world. Emails need to grab the readers attention and wow them. Whether you’re crafting a marketing email for your business or sending out a company newsletter, consider these 5 tips to create a striking email header.


1. Header Image Size


A good practice is to keep the image height no higher than 350px. This way, you can create an effective email header with 3 important elements “above-the-fold”.

  • The name of the company, brand or person responsible for sending the offer. The logo should be included in this section to increase trust and the probability of being recognized by subscribers.
  • Provide information in the email header as to the intent of the email (whether it’s transactional, event-related or a product campaign). It’s helpful at this stage to re-evaluate the relevance of your email to make sure it’s what your subscribers expect.
  • A large, clear and enticing call-to-action: The CTA in this area is your chance to create subscriber interest, encourage them to read the whole message and, eventually, convert them into paying customers.


2. Keep It Simple


Using light space for a clear central focus on a specific product/message helps the reader easily focus on what’s important. Apple is known for simplistic design. Here, the use of different type sizes, grayscale colors, and clear fonts don’t distract from the powerful product images, which is the focus of this email. This email header design is straight to the point with minimal elements and simple structure.


3. Experiment With Alignment


The general rule of thumb for type is that left-alignment is the most easily legible, but adding variations in alignment could make for a great design that is still legible and balanced.


4. Use Color To Attract Attention


Bright colors help get the reader’s attention and forces them to stop and read the headline. Strong image(s), standout calls to action  and contrast are all effective elements in designing an email header.


5. Let Your Content Shine


Beautifully captured photographs helps with the central focus of the design. Using dark images with a white font color, gives the overall design a clean modern look, while putting all the attention on your content.


Try it out!

A great tool to use to create beautiful,  attention-grabbing email headers is Canva’s amazingly simple drag-and-drop email header design tool.


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