Email Marketing Guidelines That Drive Success

email marketing guidelines

Optimize the success of your campaign with a creative email marketing guideline.

Email marketing is one of the best weapons in a company’s arsenal and the majority of consumers still prefer it when receiving offers or other promotions. The following email marketing guidelines can help you create impactful emails and drive the success of your campaigns.

Fluid Layout

Rid your emails of a fixed-width layout. A fluid layout utilizes percentage-based sizing in order to adapt the widths of the email display, without altering the basic layout. A fluid will ensure text-based emails render properly across devices.

Avoid Background Images

Using background images within your email marketing campaigns may cause testing issues for some of your clients. You don’t want to overload your message with funky formatting. Try and keep it as concise and clean as possible. If you’re unsure about your layout and would like to test your email creativity, head over to Litmus. This site allows you to test out different email campaign designs to help you optimize across all platforms. Follow this email marketing guideline to create easy-to-read campaigns.

Use Standard Fonts

Always use clear fonts in your email design. This email marketing guideline ensures that everyone will be able to properly see the text no matter what email device they’re viewing from. You can easily call attention to headers with different sized fonts or colors to spice up the display – just maintain a consistent font.

Simple Is Better

Another valuable email marketing guideline is to focus on context with larger images and fewer text. Images more easily captivate the user’s attention and reel them into the contents. Utilize short, strong text lines to get your point across in a creative fashion.

Don’t forget about the importance of white space. More white space on your email campaign will engage and guide the user through your email. This creates ease of use and better readability, but use it thoughtfully. It’s all about keeping the proper balance.

Make It Responsive

Email is no longer restricted to desktop computers or laptops. People are more on-the-go than ever and tend to access their emails on mobile phones and tablets. To keep up and tailor to your consumers’ busy lifestyle, design your email for mobile optimization.

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