Email Verification: 3 Reasons Why Your CRM List is Useless Without It

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Why Email Verification?

Email verification utilizes a unique link to ensure that an email account belongs to a real, individual user and not an internet bot.

Cleaning out your contacts list is essential to the success of lasting brand-consumer relationships.

While your list of contacts may be growing, your CRM list is already falling behind if you aren’t ensuring that all of your email addresses are deliverable and belong to real people.

A large portion of your marketing dollars is wasted if you’re delivering email campaigns to invalid addresses.

Emails aren’t as static as you think.

17% of Americans create a new email address every 6 months and 30% of subscribers change their email addresses annually.

Marketing Sherpas research shows that 2.1% of your B2B email addresses are decaying every month, whether it’s because people are changing jobs, abandoning email accounts or simply submitting contact forms with typos.

Email verification and hygiene is a simple solution to the quick turnaround of users’ email addresses. Enhance your contacts list, ensure a path to your consumers’ inboxes and maximize campaign success with a clean CRM list.

A CRM list is not only increasingly invalid without email verification and hygiene, but also at risk of damaging your company’s deliverability, bounce rates and most importantly, your reputation.

1. Deliverability

Email deliverability measures the success at which your email marketing campaigns are sent to your contacts’ inboxes. Email verification not only makes sure that your contacts list consists of real emails, but also that your company’s engaging and exciting content is actually getting into people’s inboxes.

This is the part where email hygiene kicks in.

Clean out unverified or hazardous email domains to ensure you are only including relevant and targetable users. Coupling the hygiene portion with email verification ensures the highest level of data deliverability and cleanliness.

In fact, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) only deliver 44% of emails in cases where company’s email lists have 10% or more unknown users.

With an organized database of prospective email targets, campaign execution will be dramatically more successful and seamlessly delivered.

2. Bounce rates

An email bounce happens when your email isn’t delivered to the sent contact.

The bounce could signify that the individual’s email address is nonexistent, either because of a typo, the contact left the organization, or the email address provided was fake.

Soft bounces are typically caused by temporary issues, including:

  • Server failure/undeliverable
  • Full mailboxes
  • Vacation auto replies /out of office messages

It’s important to review contacts in this category for any obvious typos. If not, try to reach the contacts by other means to confirm the address.

While soft bounces are something you want to keep an eye on to identify ongoing issues, there’s a chance your delivery issue may resolve on its own.

Hard bounces, however, are due to permanent issues such as:

  • Nonexistent email addresses
  • Out-of-date addresses

With hard bounces, you’ll want to remove or replace the existing email address right away.

Managing email bounces might not be the most exciting part of your online marketing strategy but maintaining a clean list is essential to sending successful campaigns and a good response rate.

At Bridge, we identify invalid emails (“hard bounces”) with a remarkable 98.4% accuracy across all top-line domains.

3. Reputation

Yes, your email domain has its own reputation. And yes, the way your company is perceived and engaged with is affected by this reputation.

At Bridge, we always stress the importance of a strong sending reputation and a high IP reputation.

In order to understand how consumers are receiving your emails, you can track consumer engagement (open and click through rates) and reputation metrics (spam complaints, spam traps, bad format suppression types, unknown users, etc.).

Spam (Ad fraud)
Nothing turns people off more than email spam, or junk mail. Internet bots are pushing spam email addresses through systems every day, damaging IP and domain reputations.

69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line. And 43% of email recipients click the Spam button based on the email “from” name or email address.

In addition to maintaining email best practices (engaging subject lines and visually appealing creative), verifying your email list ensures that your company’s domain and IP remain clean of spam and ad fraud.

The goal is to have your brand consistently perceived as credible. A high reputation reflects in the way users are engaging with your emails.

Email is Still Important!

With a lot of buzz around display, social and mobile app campaigns, many marketers are misled to believe that email marketing is a thing of the past.

However, people who buy products through email marketing actually spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers.

Email is a powerful way to build lasting relationships with your subscribers and drive conversions.

Never underestimate the importance of maintaining a clean, verified email list and practicing best email methods to maximize your marketing spend. Directly deliver offers to people’s inboxes, maintain a high reputation and increase customer engagement with email verification.

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Want to enhance your campaigns with email verification and hygiene?

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