Google Cross-Device Tracking and Retargeting is Finally Here

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Overcoming the Cross-Device Challenge

Cross-device tracking is the process of identifying users engaging across the multiple devices they use – smartphones, laptops, desktop, tablets, etc. – so that brands may retarget ads to them accordingly.

One of the greatest challenges for marketers today is keeping up with how consumers are engaging across a multitude of different devices throughout the day.

Since consumers engage on various social media accounts, browse the web on their laptops, check emails on their smartphones and shop at different retail stores, it has become difficult for advertisers to deterministically identify users and effectively target relevant ads toward them.

Here’s the key to keeping up: Track the step-by-step buyer’s journey of each user throughout multiple devices. This way, you can better understand consumers and deliver relevant ads based on their individual behaviors and media preferences.

Google cross-device tracking and remarketing innovations will advance the way marketers overcome this challenge.

Big News for Marketers: Google Cross-Device Tracking and Remarketing

In an attempt to close the loop between all the different devices each consumer uses, Google announced its cross-device retargeting innovations for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Bid Manager to reach the same signed-in user across various devices, apps and websites. The changes are said to take place in the next few months.

When solely reliant on cookies, there was a gap where advertisers couldn’t fully engage with Google users across their phones, tablets, laptops and everything in between.

With Google cross-device tracking and remarketing, marketers will be able to seamlessly deliver a marketing campaign that targets audiences across all devices.

A consumer can have multiple touch points with a brand throughout the day on different devices with cross-device remarketing. For example, a retailer can deliver an ad to a consumer’s mobile phone during his or her morning commute about the upcoming holiday season, then a follow-up ad with an offer to discounted gifts and promotions as he or she is browsing a tablet at home.

Anyone who is signed into a Google account can be reached with cross-device retargeting ads. As of February 2016, Google had over 1 billion monthly active Gmail users – a number that is continuing to increase year over year.

Increasing Foot-Traffic with Geo-Targeting

In addition, to further close the loop between online ads and offline purchases, Google launched location extensions and store visit measurements for the Google Display Network.

Advertisers can now target ads with location-based businesses addresses, Google Maps directions and photos based on consumers’ favorite websites or apps. As users engage online, marketers will be able to reach them with ads that help drive them to retail locations within that geographic location.

Because mobile engagement and in-store foot traffic go hand-in-hand, this feature will further improve marketers’ ability to track consumers’ offline, online and mobile data.

Target People, Not Just Devices

In an ever-evolving technological world, digital marketers have to focus on the people first in order to innovate the ways in which they engage with them. Google is advancing the way we keep up with users across all devices.

At Bridge, we are committed to being the first to market technologies that power today’s marketing solutions. Our people-based marketing campaigns give us deeper insights into the people behind the screen – to build campaigns as unique as your consumers.

By compiling our extensive cross-device data, we build individual multi-layer profiles to ensure that we are effectively reaching real people and hyper-targeting relevant ads to them, eliminating fraud and increasing conversions.


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New to People-Based Marketing?

Learn more about implementing a people-based marketing strategy with our in-depth guide.[/two_thirds]

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