Tasteful Tips for Holiday Emails

holiday emails

Get the most out of your holiday emails.

Bells are ringing, snow is falling – the holiday season must be upon us. This could only mean one thing: it’s time to start thinking about holiday emails.

Your customers are bound to get bombarded with digital marketing through multiple channels, yet email marketing continues to deliver some of the highest ROI during the holiday seasons. Set the right tone by taking one last creative assessment of your holiday emails.

Get classy with your creatives.

When creating those cheerful holiday emails, it’s wise to consider that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Set aside the Christmas trees and dancing elves. This year, let’s aim for tasteful, not tacky, holiday imagery. Look for snowflakes, dazzling lights, or charming bells to spice up your emails.

Don’t let the holiday imagery overwhelm your creative.  Make sure your subscribers can still recognize your brand and your message is not lost. A suave display will heighten your presence as a company.

Set a strong subject line.

Make those emails as tempting to open as those beautifully wrapped holiday presents. Don’t forget about the importance of a strong subject line. With the holiday cheer all around us, it won’t be hard to show off your creative side. Utilize popular holiday lines within your subject to grab your reader’s attention.

Add in promotions.

We all know how quickly money gets dumped from our wallets during this busy time of year. Make sure your holiday emails contain prime promotions that will get your consumers ready to purchase, despite the abundance of presents they’ve already bought.

Keep the date in mind when implementing this tip. You want to give your consumers the right amount of time to get a chance to take advantage of your offers, but with enough urgency to get them running. Everyone loves a good deal, and with the gift-giving holidays right around the corner, you’ll have people scrambling to your site after these promotion-filled holiday emails.

Get a head start.

Start developing your holiday creatives and marketing strategies early to avoid additional stress. Plan out what you want to achieve this year and when you want those goals completed.

The hustle-bustle can get the best of us during the holidays, but with proper planning, you’ll be able to get your holiday emails distributed stress-free, with just enough time to huddle up by the fire with a good cup of hot cocoa.

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