Digital Marketing this Holiday Season!

holiday digital marketing

The holiday season is officially upon us! As the shopping mayhem commences, grabbing the attention of your target audience amongst the tough competition is crucial. Improve your chances of success by implementing multi-channel digital marketing tactics into your holiday campaign. Reach your consumers where they are, whether is it mobile or desktop and score big in the most profitable time of the year.

Digital is on the rise

This year, a projected $965 billion will be spent by customers shopping for the holidays. Retailers will be doing everything they can to attract foot traffic within their store locations, and one of the most effective means of doing so is digital marketing.

Online spending has increased by 14% this year alone, making your digital strategy increasingly important to stay relevant. You want to remain visible amongst the competition and ensure your marketing efforts are served across all digital channels! Consumers are increasing their use of mobile devices for their shopping habits. Last year mobile accounted for 23% of total online sales and the rate is only accelerating. Keep your mobile ads updated and appropriate so your target market remains exposed to your campaign.

The list below contains key digital marketing strategies to remember this holiday season!

  1. Plan ahead and know your key shopping peak dates:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have already passed, but we still have all of December! Make sure you are continuously marketing holiday promotions and deals!

  1. Mobile, mobile, mobile. Consumers use their mobile device as a tool while they are shopping, ensure you are reaching them in optimal places. They most often look to email and online promotions while shopping. Make sure promotions are located in these channels and that they render correctly across all mobile devices.
  2. Connect with potential customers where they engage the most. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.- plays a huge role in mobile device use. Use these outlets to secure your reach to these potential consumers.
  3. During the holiday season, you want to tailor your creative content accordingly. A holiday-related promotion will attract the consumer more than a non-themed promotion would. Make sure they are eye-catching, a classic holiday-themed pun never hurt!

And in case you missed them, here are more ways to optimize your marketing this holiday season!

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