How to Reach Real Casino Goers and Sports Bettors

sports bettors

Live sports are back and better than ever! Across the United States, there has been an increase in sports betting for live events held at casinos, sports arenas, and through consumers’ mobile devices. In fact, U.S. commercial gaming revenue in April grew more than 26 percent from April 2019, fueled by rising vaccination rates, an overall positive trend in consumer spending, and continuing momentum in the sports betting and iGaming verticals.

The pandemic affected growth on various commercial activities and sporting events, leading to the postponement of major league games, the reduction of fantasy sports vendors, and casinos shuttering their doors. Now that states are reopening, many sports bettors and casino goers are looking for ways to put together their fantasy leagues for this year as well as bet on upcoming sporting events.

Interested in learning more about this booming industry and how to identify and reach these people? Let’s dive in.

The Legalization of Sports Betting continues to Boom Across the US

The sports wagering industry isn’t composed of bookkeepers and sports bettors alone. There are casino operators, strategic alliances, broadcast and podcast partners, sports teams, leagues, stadiums, technology, and all the different gaming companies. It’s been 3 years since the Supreme Court struck down the ban on sports betting, allowing states to legalize it if they wish. 

This all due in thanks to the state of New Jersey, which challenged the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The state of New Jersey has also become the nation’s leading state in sports wagering which has overtaken states such as Nevada where sports betting has been legal for well over 70 years! Twenty-two states have already legalized sports betting with eight states having just passed legal sports betting within their states. The most recent state to vote for legalization is Ohio.  

The global fantasy sports market is expected to grow by $62.8 billion over the next 3 years. The gaming market has grown significantly over the years, with many companies promoting eSports which is encouraging new gamers to take up gaming professionally. With the rising numbers of eSports tournaments, it can only be expected that it will create significant growth opportunities for the market in the years to come. 

Casinos Integrate Sports Podcasting Studios and More

With so many restrictions put on casinos in 2020 dictating how many people can place bets at a time, along with revenue and profits plunging, it may not have seemed to be the best time to invest in renovations for casinos. However, casinos across the country looked toward a post-pandemic future when casino goers will be looking for the latest thing. It is safe to say that the time has come! 

The development of broadcast studios is the hottest new trend in sportsbooks. The Wynn Las Vegas has integrated sports podcasting studios in their casino lobbies making them the newest attraction in Sin City. Similarly, earlier this year MGM partnered with sports podcaster, The Athletic, to incorporate sports betting into the podcast industry. Pennsylvania-based Penn National Gaming also announced last year that it is acquiring Barstool Sports as their sports-based broadcast and podcast operation.

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