Importance of Customer Delight


What is Customer Delight?

HubSpot defines customer delight is as “exceeding customer’s expectations to create a positive customer experience with a product or brand.” It’s about ensuring that the consumer is happy and stays happy after already purchasing your product or service. In order to succeed, you must build a relationship with your customer that will stand the test of time.

Importance of Customer Delight

When running a business, you can’t afford to disappoint your customers. According to HubSpot, it costs 7x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Besides this significant statistic, there are other reasons for placing importance on customer delight.

It’s crucial to delight your customers because they can be your biggest advocates or loudest detractors. You want your customers to feel that they’re important and you genuinely care about them post-transaction.

How to Use Customer Delight to Grow Your Business

A significant way this can occur is by turning your customers into promoters. A promoter is a customer-turned-company advocate that will buy more, refer their friends, forgive you if things don’t work out perfectly, and may also volunteer for case studies and testimonials.

Here are three ways that you can delight your customers and keep them coming back:

  1. Identify milestones in the buyer’s journey so you can anticipate their needs.
  2. Use empathy when working with customers by combining buyer personas and customer data to understand each customer and their situation individually.
  3. Collect quantitative and qualitative feedback (e.g. surveys and NPS feedback respectively.)

After all, your business reputation is defined by a customer’s experience. People are more likely to listen to their friends through referrals, so you want to make sure your customers have positive feedback only. Even if a customer decides they no longer want your services, make sure they leave with a positive experience because they can still suggest your business and help attract more customers.

We Can Help

At Bridge, we are able to gather vital information about the customer in order to get to know them better, which contributes to further success with customer delight.

Find out how you can improve customer relationships by booking a free consultation with Bridge today.

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