How Mobile is Changing the Auto Consumer Journey

auto consumer journey

How Mobile is Changing the Auto Consumer Journey

The auto consumer journey has shifted throughout the years. While the typical car shopper ten years ago would have made five visits to various dealerships before making his or her purchase, today’s auto shopper only makes two visits to a dealership before purchasing a new vehicle.

Mobile is driving change in the way consumers shop. The always-on and accessible power of mobile media allows for on-the-go dealership location services and real-time research on different car models and prices.

According to Google, half of all car shoppers with mobile devices use their smartphones while at the dealership – with the biggest intention to confirm that they are receiving a good price on a vehicle.

Therefore, mobile is essential in marketing to your consumers in these key moments of their auto purchase journey.

Bridge’s Custom Hyper-Targeted Solutions Drive Auto Sales

There are thousands of dealerships nationwide vying for the same customers in a saturated marketplace.

To stay ahead of the competition and effectively nurture the auto consumer journey, Bridge equips auto retailers with hyper-local digital marketing strategies and targeted campaigns at qualified custom audiences to rapidly increase dealership foot traffic and reinvigorate sales.

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It’s All About the Data

We incorporate offline, online, and mobile consumer information to build full profiles of real, reachable individuals. With a comprehensive understanding of where each consumer lives, how much he or she earns annually, and whether or not he or she is in-market for a new car, Bridge identifies an audience that is best fit to each dealership’s marketing goals.

Customize Your Audience

Are you looking to sell more of your luxury sedan models at your local dealership location? You need to ensure that your target audience lives nearby, is able to afford the model you’re offering and is actually looking to buy a new vehicle.

Example of a custom hyper-local audience segment for an auto dealership:

audience segmentBridge utilizes its rich database to segment consumers who are ideal for each dealership’s unique marketing goals based on individuals’ demographic, geographic, mobile app behaviors, online search activity, annual income, and more.

For example, Bridge helped numerous dealerships target individuals within a desired geographic radius of a dealership and deliver campaigns to individuals who can afford the offered car model and have an expressed interest to purchase a new vehicle – thus, increasing engagement and driving sales.

Deliver Campaigns Across All Channels

Traditional marketing was static and limited to desktop and/or postal mail. With Bridge’s multi-channel marketing solutions, auto dealerships can run campaigns across email, display, social media, native, and video to meet audiences where they engage most and push them through each step of the auto consumer journey.

By investing in a multi-channel approach, auto dealerships see a significant lift in sales over traditional media efforts, especially with access to consumers’ mobile devices.

Enhance Your Auto Campaign

The most powerful way to engage with your audience is through mobile – optimizing key moments of the auto consumer journey.

With real-time data, your marketing campaign can include geofence capabilities to send personalized offers to individuals on their smartphones the moment they enter a specific radius of your auto dealership.

Audience insights also allow for a point of sale match back analysis after each campaign to attribute specific auto sales to individuals from your targeted audience.

Understand who your ideal audience is and build a customized media plan accordingly to increase engagement, lower customer acquisition costs, and dramatically drive auto sales through each step of the consumer journey.

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