The Season of Mobile Has Arrived

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Increase email marketing success with mobile-friendly campaigns

With fall quickly approaching, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the gateway to the holiday season will be here faster than you think. The development and scheduling of your Black Friday or Cyber Monday email marketing campaigns are imperative for increasing their effectiveness and success.

Email marketing should be planned in advance, not executed at the last minute. Being prepared can save a lot of time and stress, especially during the busy holiday season.

As you begin to develop content for your campaigns, remember to incorporate a mobile-friendly design.

Mobile usage soars for online-shopping

According to IBM’s ExperienceOne Benchmark Live, mobile browsing and buying saw its biggest season yet in 2014. Last Black Friday mobile drove 49% of online traffic, which was 25% more compared to the previous year. During last Cyber Monday, mobile drove 42.1% of online traffic, which was 30% more compared to the previous year.

Considering that many consumers still continue to use their mobile devices, the numbers are only predicted to increase for 2015. This insight can favor well for your company if you ensure that your email campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Create a mobile-friendly email campaign

Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Make sure your main call to action is visible on a mobile device without the user needing to swipe down.
  • Don’t forget your landing pages. These should be mobile responsive and optimized for mobile users.
  • If you have a storefront, offer mobile campaigns with discount coupons for consumers to scan in the store.
  • Design for the finger navigation instead of the mouse.
  • Use mobile-friendly and adaptive layouts. Consider trying a scalable, fluid, or responsive design.

This holiday season, email marketers should make their messages simpler and more mobile-friendly. With only 71 days until Black Friday and 74 days until Cyber Monday, is your email marketing prepared for the season of mobile?

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