As our data and technology continue to advance, marketers need to continually utilize the most advantageous practices to drive more successful conversion rates. More and more time is being spent by users to browse and shop on their mobile devices.

Companies need to ensure that they are not overlooking potential leads who may be spending most of their time on their cell phones. Utilize mobile remarketing to reach people right at their fingertips.

Proper mobile remarketing provides your company with the opportunity to convert visitors into customers. Automatically reconnect with potential buyers that may have missed your advertisement, either in person or on your website. By distributing a customized ad straight to their mobile device, you are showing the individual that his or her engagement matters.

Mobile remarketing is the perfect way to target your selected audience through today’s most used form of mediated of communication: cell phones. Utilizing in-app ads and mobile web campaigns will bring back those on-the-go consumers to again become engaged with your services.

Audience Segmentation

The first step is identifying and segmenting your audience. Who are you trying to reach? What users have responded to your advertisements thus far? What types of people would you consider remarketing towards?

By asking yourself some simple questions, you will be able to understand what types of people are worth your mobile remarketing efforts.

Mobile Advertisements

Once you have segmented your audience and identified who you feel will be most likely to respond, it’s time to remarket.

Mobile remarketing grabs your consumer’s attention through his or her mobile, handheld device. In order to properly execute this, you will need to identify the most relevant campaign. You will either be able to utilize mobile banners or interstitial advertisements.

Mobile banners will sit on the top and bottom of your consumer’s screen, while interstitial ads will pop-up on the user’s screen and remain there until it is dismissed by the individual.

In either scenario, it is essential that you optimize your creative to properly render on this mobile advertisement. Creating a strong call-to-action with a clear message will ensure that your mobile remarketing efforts will not go to waste.

How is it done?

Through deterministic data, we are able to identify and match individual mobile device IDs to a specified user on apps and mobile websites. Once we have determined who our target consumers are, we can build a completely customized campaign around their mobile behaviors and demographic information.

This powerful data is what drives each of our marketing campaigns. With it, we are able to link one user’s digital habits to the mobile device on which we should be remarketing.

Why is this important?

As our technological world continues to expand, it is becoming more and more apparent that people are engaging most on their mobile devices. Being able to shop and access services right at your fingertips has opened up a world of possibilities for marketers.

We already have the technological means to identify which users are using which devices, so why not utilize that to our advantage?

By deterministically linking your audience members to their online behavior and their mobile device, we can target and implement mobile remarketing campaigns that drive success rates that would otherwise have been unachievable.

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