Published on April 4, 2018


In light of recent news around Facebook and data, Bridge remains a strong and trusted partner of Facebook. Below is a detailed update on what happened, our continued partnership with Facebook and our commitment to the quality of our data.

What Happened:
Facebook and one of its partners are involved in an ongoing dispute over the misuse of personal data and data manipulation. In response, Facebook removed third-party data partners such as Acxiom and Epsilon from their data marketplace.

We want to assure our partners that this incident does not impact BRIDGE or our close working relationship with Facebook.

How Bridge Works with Facebook:
When working with BRIDGE and Facebook, we bring our own data – and yes, all of our data is permission-based, ethically-sourced and GDPR-compliant.

Together with our partners, we create target audiences (the people you want to talk to) from our own database and then directly upload these audiences to Facebook for targeting capabilities. Facebook matches the individuals to real Facebook users and then we serve your promotions through social media ads to these people.

The Bottom Line:
BRIDGE continues to be a trusted Facebook partner and our data is approved to be uploaded and matched to Facebook for targeting.

For any marketer who advertises on Facebook today, BRIDGE is here to help. We will work with you to create secure target audiences and effectively advertise to them on Facebook.

Our Commitment to Our Partners

BRIDGE is committed to the transparency of our mobile-driven audiences and relationships with our partners. In continuing our partnership with Facebook, we will continue to clean, verify and comply our audience data to effectively drive success for our clients.

We are happy to continue serving our current clients without interruption and we welcome the opportunity to help new clients reach the right Facebook audiences using our insightful data.

In the wake of the Facebook and Data headlines, it is more apparent than ever that people’s information needs to be protected.

We have always known how powerful our data can be and we are proud to be an industry leader in sourcing our data responsibly. We are in touch with Facebook and have confirmed that our data is safe and we will continue leading the industry in data collection practices and uses.

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