The Top 5 Benefits of People-Based Marketing

Targeting People, Not Devices

Consumers are becoming more engaged across different devices and media than ever before. In order to stay connected, marketers must understand what’s most important – the people.

Scattering massive campaigns to as many people as possible is no longer effective. With users more in control of how they consume media than ever before, marketers need to stay ahead with people-based marketing.

By prioritizing the people behind the screen, marketers can engage real consumers in a more personalized way.

We’ve shared the top 5 benefits of putting people at the center of your marketing initiatives.

1. Understand your consumers better

This is the #1 benefit that reaps all of the other benefits to follow.

With more data available than ever before, marketers can gain powerful insights into their consumers’ interests and how they engage with all kinds of media platforms. Marketers can then strategize campaigns accordingly and build meaningful relationships with consumers.

A major strength of implementing a people-based marketing strategy is the ability to gain a more comprehensive view of your target consumers by combining offline (demographic, retail purchases, etc.) and online data (website visits, emails, etc.) with consumer data that is now most relevant than ever before – mobile data.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 9 in 10 American adults own a mobile phone, leading as the most commonly owned device.

The traditional demographic-based approach to a consumer doesn’t capture the whole picture. Today’s users are always on-the-go and using various devices throughout the day. Whether it is their cell phone on the commute to work, a desktop at work or a tablet at home, it can be hard to keep up.

By tracking the mobile activity of people, you can understand your consumers through the device that they use most on a daily basis.

2. Create more valuable content

By listening to your consumers and analyzing how they engage, you can create content that is more relevant and helpful to your target audience.

With people-based marketing, marketers can not only deliver ads on the most relevant media platforms but also with relevant content that is based on their ideal consumers.

For example, if you know that a consumer is downloading Fantasy Football apps, opening emails from their fantasy football league, as well as purchasing merchandise from a local sports goods store, you are aware of the user’s sports enthusiast interests, behaviors and media preferences.

This is all valuable information to help marketers deliver ads that catch the attention of their ideal customers.

Creating engaging content increases impressions and clicks, thus increasing your website traffic and benefiting your overall campaign success.

3. Waste less time and money on ad fraud

People-based marketing ensures that you are verifying real, individual users with their unique mobile device IDs and consumer profiles.

Why this is important: Even though advertisers have advanced the industry in many ways, one thing that is inevitable is ad fraud.

Many times, ads are delivered to internet bots (or online robots) that are posing as real people online, visiting fake websites and creating fraudulent impressions.

While this isn’t necessarily detrimental to your success, your time and money are wasted on impressions that aren’t being delivered to the right people, or even real people at all. If you want to maximize conversions and revenue, it’s vital to stop investing money on ad bots that are posing as real people online.

Identifying your ideal consumer and verifying that individual on their primary device eliminates the uncertainty and the loss of ad impressions to fraud.

4. Build a relationship along the way

People-based marketing prioritizes the connection a brand has to its consumers. You’re not just observing the end result, but rather engaging with your consumer throughout the buyer’s journey.

Don’t leave a bad taste in people’s mouths with interruptive ads; rather, speak to the where they are interacting most and deliver relevant content based on their interests.

This way, you are able to establish continuous interaction with prospective buyers and eventually, a meaningful relationship with your loyal customers.

A better understanding of your consumers, relevant content creation and accurate ad delivery to specific devices allows for a seamless process throughout the course of a marketing campaign.

5. Increase ROI

Understanding how to engage with consumers more effectively helps build campaigns as unique as your consumer.

By intentionally reaching out to real people who demonstrate a likelihood to respond on certain media and have specific interests, your people-based marketing campaign can drive conversions and sales – thus, overall return on your investment.

Aimlessly delivering a mass campaign to as many people as possible is not only more costly but also less likely to result in valuable engagement. All of the discussed benefits allow for a more targeted strategy and lucrative campaign.

Reap the Benefits of People-Based Marketing

With marketers’ extensive access to data and consumers’ power over their media consumption, people-based marketing is beneficial for a connected marketing strategy across all platforms.

The combination of traditional offline, online and mobile data allows for a rich understanding of consumers like never before. The key is to speak to the people, not the data points.

If you understand how to optimize this humanized approach to data and build customized campaigns based on your ideal consumers, you can truly reap the benefits of a people-based marketing campaign.

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