Why PII Whitepaper


Why PII?

PII is ushering in the next era of digital marketing. So why are we still treating people like clicks and opens?

What Is PII Data?

BRIDGE connects the dots between the information you have and the information you need to better identify your consumers. We connect online and offline attributes to build a complete picture of real people, enabling you to learn more about your customers and identify trends to inform your decision-making.

How it Works

Meet Sam:
You thought you knew Sam before, but things were unclear.

1. What you know


2. What we know

We link your piece of data
to our top-ranked consumer audience database

3. The full picture

We verify customer
#123245 as Sam

Key Benefits

One single version of the truth.

While datasets can expand to hundreds of millions, there is confidence that each person is only represented once and the information about that person is highly accurate. Even as 2.5%- 3.5% of marketing data churns on a monthly basis, human identity graphs are structured to more easily reconcile changes.

High-quality data.

Privacy compliant, opt-in data is uniquely able to achieve CCPA, GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance.

No wasted ad spend when you know for sure.

When you can positively identify the real people in your datasets, you move from wasteful spray and pray approaches to highly efficient ad campaigns where the cost of every message can be justified.

Customize, at scale.

Carve datasets as granularly as desired to deliver hyper-customized messages, even to tens of millions within a single audience.

Higher ROI.

Customizable messages delivered to higher-performing data with actionable signals promote strategic campaigns that result in increased ROI.

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