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People-based programmatic strategy increases revenue for agency by 200%!

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An agency came to us with two goals in mind: increase their revenue and expand their business. 

Like many other agencies, they were left in a chokehold by a lack of access to financial support, digital media, and data-based insights. This forced them to choose between turning a profit or providing services that their customers wanted. 

That’s where we came in. 

We provided this agency with turnkey people-based digital solutions that drove profit – at no added cost.


Our strong emphasis on growth-oriented services and our audience database of REAL people allowed us to build a programmatic arm for the agency overnight.

We don’t rely on cookies or predictive audiences. Our top-ranked data is easy to use, transparent, and we deliver results that businesses can see.

Our flexible, customized plan included:


Our people-based audience data effectively delivered the agency’s message across multiple channels.

The success of the campaign enabled the agency to expand their services into three new verticals: healthcare, recruitment, and tourism.

We have continued to work with the agency for over two years; providing them with 24/7 on-demand support, a customized approach for each campaign, and real-time feedback on how to make their campaigns stronger.


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