National Fitness Center

Email people campaign drives 476K new gym member sign-ups!

individual working out at a gym with free weights


A national fitness center was looking to increase gym membership sign-ups across their nationwide gym locations – solely through new customers.

The fitness center turned to our people-based data and email platform to achieve its goal.


Our strong emphasis on growth-oriented services and our audience database of REAL people allowed us to build a custom solution for the fitness center. 

We built a target audience of adults who lived within close proximity to one of the fitness center locations who had never heard from the gym before. We suppressed the gym’s CRM lists against our audience file to ensure we were only talking to net new prospects.

We then deployed a 6-month long Email People campaign to the target audience that promoted signing up for a gym membership. 


After the campaign ended, we ran a Point of Sale(POS) Matchback Analysis to compare our target audience with the new customers who signed up for a fitness membership. We matched 476,573 sign-ups to the gym’s new member file.

We have continued to work with the fitness center providing them with 24/7 on-demand support, a customized approach for each campaign, and real-time feedback on how to make their campaigns stronger. 



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