Benefits of A Programmatic Marketing Strategy

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The Programmatic Approach

Programmatic marketing focuses on the data behind an individual. It is the algorithmic process of digital media bidding and buying. You can utilize this technology to spread your campaign distribution across a multitude of segments including geographic, behavioral, psychographic and demographic.With increasing amounts of in-depth data available, it is possible to reach consumers on an individual level. Knowing things such as age, gender and job title allow you to formulate a hyper-targeted audience for campaign managers.

When you factor in the automated aspect of programmatic marketing, it is possible to choose the time of day and frequency of your campaign release. Programmatic marketing takes out the lag that manual insertion and trading can create which, in turn, frees campaign managers from the menial tasks that came with using a traditionally manual approach.

Programmatic media buying

Programmatic media buying is a completely automated purchasing process. It is about gaining access to the largest selection of ad space, in real-time, through one central user. For example, a demand-side platform contains the technology to purchase ad impressions from multiple ad-networks, in one central user, making it the ultimate programmatic ad buying tool. It automates an otherwise tedious task while saving money because you aren’t paying someone to purchase the ad space themselves, the DSP does all of the work. Having the ability to buy all media ad space through one technology has simplified the process of media bidding and buying.

When utilizing programmatic media buying, the technology available can specify which ads to bid based on the information you provide about your buyer personas. Instead of only concerning yourself with the sheer volume of impressions being exposed to your campaign, you can focus on the precision on your reach.

Real-Time Data

Programmatic marketing allows you to monitor the success of your campaign across devices and amongst segmentations with reporting capabilities. By obtaining information on how your advertising efforts perform in different situations, you can tweak the campaign’s reach accordingly and eliminate waste. This was not possible with manual ad buying. Binding contracts held advertisers accountable for a locked-in number of ads to deploy across certain channels.


Programmatic strategies allow the buyer to shift their focus towards purchasing display space that is valuable to their campaign. By specifying what you purchase and staying away from the bulk purchases of the past, you are creating a more efficient campaign and thus saving money.

Instead of determining what is working by trial and error, you are entering your KPIs (key performance indicators) into the system and letting the technology perform the analysis for you. Using programmatic media buying allows you to tailor your campaign based off of real-time reporting results. By analyzing the results you are exposing yourself to what works and what doesn’t, no longer wasting money on unnecessary ad space.

In review

Programmatic marketing and media buying strategies save time and increase the accuracy of your campaign’s reach. Reap the benefits of using programmatic marketing to target your ideal audience and ad specs for your next marketing campaign. To learn more about Bridge’s programmatic capabilities click here.

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